Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

By | December 31, 2015

Imagine a whole lot of parents out there are starting to plan some amazing Star Wars birthday parties and are going to be looking for some creative, cool ideas. After all, in just a few months, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens will be released and a whole new generation will get the thrill of seeing their first Star Wars film on the big screen. Get ready for the onslaught of Star Wars toys and gifts and food and everything else under the sun. Or is that, under the suns?


Several generations love the saga and there are so many fun ways to throw a successful Star Wars celebration that even Darth Vader will be jealous of! Death Star piñatas, R2D2 decorated drink dispensers and Tie Fighter ships made from chocolate cookies and marshmallows are just a few great ideas that we have found that will be sure to add a special touch to your next party!

Fruit lightsaber skewers are a healthy Star Wars birthday party treat. Wooden skewer + duct tape handle + Sharpie = adorable fruit sabers. Your birthday dessert are thees flipping-awesome clone trooper cupcakes (below). These clone trooper cupcakes from Maija Moments are easy enough that I could do them.


Customize your jumbo marshmallow with food-safe markers to be clone troopers (or storm troopers with a slightly different design). And done! Optional extra, she gave each child a birthday candle in their cupcake for wish-making and to head off any lightsaber envy.


Here’s one of those Star Wars birthday party games you can play right when all the kids arrive, they must go through this training course to become a Jedi! The best way to set this up is to have stations the kids need to go through and accomplish a task. Have an adult take control of each station. Here are a few examples for Jedi training course stations:

1) The kids need to crawl under a few chairs, go up a small ladder, down a slide, and jump through tires. 2) Watch kid gets a light saber (can be a noodle or foam pipe) and they need to hit little ping-pong balls a certain distance, pop 10 bubbles, and keep a balloon in the air for 20 seconds. 3) While blindfolded, each kid needs to pin a light saber on a Jedi (cut up paper light sabers and the kids need to pin them as close as possible on a Jedi poster). At the end of the Jedi training course, each kid officially becomes a Jedi and receives a “Jedi Identification Card” and possibly a certificate!