Twilight Birthday Party Ideas

By | November 20, 2011

Twilight Birthday Party Invitations

Youngsters have taken to the Twilight film and book series like few other concepts that it has become a very popular with the tween and teen age groups. If you are hosting Twilight party for your teenage friends, here are some Twilight party favors that you can give them back for coming to the party.

Twilight Birthday Party Ideas

The nature of party favors have changed over the years with advances in tech. for your twilight theme, for instance, since it is a movie, the soundtrack which has been very popular would make for great teenager party favors. You don’t even need to buy expensive CD’s. You can buy them on iTunes for them through subscriptions. Even ringtones would be great as eclipse favors.

Twilight Birthday Party Supplies

Posters are one constant as party favors, whatever the theme of a given birthday party. This has been true for many years now and it still continues to be one of youngsters’ favorite gifts. For the Twilight theme, you would want some large size posters featuring the actors in the film series and even some of the scenes from the movies which look especially look beautiful on posters.

Twilight Birthday Party Cupcakes

Although books are not terribly popular with teenagers today, you can always include a Twilight book or two so that the favors keep up with the theme and add to the overall mood. You could either put a different Twilight book from the series for each party supplies pack or choose to put the same book in each one to maintain consistency throughout all the favors.

Twilight Birthday Party Ideas Cake

One of the joys of teenager favors and indeed the parties is the feeling of belonging to a particular group for people. To amplify this feeling, T-shirts would be the perfect Twilight party favors, which you can distribute right at the start of the birthday party or any party that you are hosting. Keeping the overall theme color constant, you can change the characters and scenes on the T-shirts all you want.

Twilight Birthday Party Decorations

For teenage girls bracelets are a true delight, never mind the theme of the party. So even for your Twilight themed birthday party, make sure that you include bracelets in the favor sets. Not only that, you can also include other female accessories such as cosmetics, mirrors. However, all of these would have a Twilight theme to go with the party. You can find themed accessories online for cheap.

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