Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

By | November 25, 2011

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

Toy Story Party Decoration Ideas
Do you have an artist in the family? It is easy to create wall pictures if you do. Purchase low cost poster board, markers or paint and draw the pictures you want to place on the wall. Some ideas would be the characters or cowboy hat and boots, space craft, pigs and dinosaurs, moon and planets etc.

Toy Story Birthday Party

My favorite party fillers are streamers. Take the most popular colors of Toy Story, blue and tan or white and blue and twist them together to hang from corner to corner of the room. You can also make them meet from corner to the center of the room and dangle balloons in the center.

Toy Story Birthday Cake Ideas

Toy Story Character Hangers. In the middle of the room, you can have the streamers mentioned above meet in the middle from each corner. Then you can use pictures you print on cardstock from the internet to hang in the middle of the room. Just punch a hole in the top and hang with string or yarn from the ceiling with tape.

Toy Story Birthday Party Plates

Balloon bunches in groups of threes. You can find Toy Story balloons with characters like Buzz Lightyear or Woody on them, or you can purchase bright blue, green and brown balloons to hang on the walls in bunches of 3.

Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Ideas

Bring out any toys that match this theme for extra decor. If you are low on cash, using stuffed animals or toys the kids already have in this theme to decorate around the room or tables would add to your party.

Toy Story Birthday Cakes

If you can’t afford Toy Story party plates, then reach for bright blues and greens in solid patterns for the plates, cups and silverwear.

Toy Story Birthday Party Supplies

Toy Story Party Favors
Goodie bags filled with fun trinkets like bouncy balls, rings and necklaces, any type of candy, small stuffed animals, toys of this theme, noise makers etc. The ideas are endless.
Cowboy toys, you can usually find these in small bulk bags including bags of horses, dinosaurs etc., find these at your local party or toy stores.
Stickers are always a favorite, Look for Toy Story Stickers Here.
We have nice candy wrappers and invitations at our store My Candybar Wrappers – More Ideas can be found at at: Makes Parties.

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