Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

By | December 20, 2011

Outdoor Birthday Party is a favorite party theme among those holding camping birthday parties is that of a trail ride. With this you can bring your gear along with you, ride horses, cook, eat, and sleep under the stars. If you don’t have a trail ride, horses, or long trails in the wilderness nearby don’t despair. With a Dutch oven, an open fire, a few sticks, and little bit of imagination you can have your very own cowboy camp out birthday bash celebration.

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Invitations- A fun invitation can be in the form of a “Camp” Newsletter. Just jot down some different things going on in the area and then highlight the big festive day that’s coming up. Make sure you tell the campers what to bring to your event.

Or you might send your invitation on a “Tent”. Just make a tent shape using construction paper and put all the details inside your two front tent flaps.

Decorations for your campout can be pretty simple. Tents, a campfire, and lights hung here and there on tree branches are really all you need for an exciting event. Of course, if campers are older and you’ll be telling ghost stories, you might want some scary “ghostly” music playing in the area. “Glow in the Dark” bugs & others figures are a lot of fun too. Especially if you want to have an eerie night time scavenger hunt.

If you want to add a more festive look to your area, then decorate the tents with streamers or balloons. You can decorate the inside of the tents too.

Have a sign in your front yard with an arrow pointing towards your camp. Something like “Camprunamuk this way”. And you can build an entrance in the back with a few boards and with your camp name written at the top. Don’t forget other signage, like “Camp Rules” & “Toilets”.

Decorate your food tables with green plastic covers and use plastic utensils. Tin cups are a great addition too. Especially the kind that shrink small enought to fit in a pocket.

Food is easy for a camp theme party. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Barbecue are all staples. And a campfire ALWAYS needs marshmallows close by. You can offer “Bug Juice” for an extra treat. Just make koolaid or punch and add ice cubes with plastic bugs or gummy worms frozen inside. If it’s really warm outside, making your own ice cream can be a really fun project. Us the old kind of ice cream maker that you need to stir…and let all the kids help make the big desert.

Activities – are SO easy. Relay Races, pie eating contests, scavenger hunts, story telling (a fun way to do this is to start a story and have each person add to it until you get to the end)

Don’t forget the fixin’s for some s’mores while you’re making plans and be sure to have a camera handy as you create an unforgettably fun birthday bash and camping party for that special person in your life.

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