Carnival Birthday Party Ideas

By | December 27, 2011

Carnival birthday party ideas will include a series of considerations like food, decorations, place and games.

A carnival-themed birthday party can be a fun alternative to a traditional birthday party, and it can easily be accomplished with only a few supplies. To make the best party possible, begin planning and procuring supplies as far ahead in advance as possible. If you wish the party to be held outside, pick a date that is expected to be preceded by several days of optimum weather conditions.

When throwing a carnival birthday party, you can prepare a variety of classic carnival foods to enhance the theme. Carnival food can be the main hit of the party that guests will talk about for years to come. Creating and enjoying a classic and exciting carnival-themed party dish brings out the kid in everyone. Carnival parties must serve popcorn. You can either pop a bunch of bags of popcorn or rent a popcorn machine. Keeping the popcorn cooking throughout the party gives an authentic popcorn aroma. Butter and salt should be set out on a table for guests to load up their popcorn with, and you can purchase small “popcorn” bags at your local party supply store for handing out the popcorn.

In addition to that, you can make a clown face dip by mixing two cups of sour cream with two tablespoons of dry onion soup mix in a small bowl. After refrigerating the dip so it becomes firm, the dip is flipped onto a platter and decorated like a clown face. Olives (with the red center) serve as the eyes, a cherry tomato for the nose, and a red pepper slice for the mouth and pretzel sticks for the hair. Tortilla chips can be added for the clown hat, and you can place celery and carrots stick around the platter for dipping.

Besides that, you will also need a spacious place to hold the party. Make sure to find a venue that will allow you plenty of space and freedom to create the carnival theme you are looking for. If you are able to use a family member or friends large backyard that would definitely save you money. The location should be somewhere with lots of space and parking.

You will have to set up the games for the carnival party. Game ideas can include throwing a football through a hoop; shooting a basketball into a hoop; throwing a softball into a basket; dropping paper clips into glass jars from above; putting a golf ball into a small cup; and squirting a Ping-Pong ball off a golf tee with a squirt gun. Give your face painters paint and paintbrushes for their work. Supply your fortuneteller with a bandanna to wear and an “8 ball” toy for making predictions.

Most important don’t forget the balloons! You can rent a helium tank to save money and decorate most of the area with balloons clusters and balloons floating freely on the ceiling.

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