Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

By | December 28, 2011

Barbie birthday party ideas are good for girls and to organize the party you will need to consider the color theme of the party, decorations, birthday cake selections, and also the favor for the party guests.

Barbie is one of the most popular dolls; since its introduction in 1959, it has become a collector’s item for adults and a timeless toy for little girls. The bright shade of pink that represents modern Barbie products, along with the accessories that came with the vintage Barbie of the 1960s and ’70s, can serve as the theme for your next birthday party or a birthday celebration for your daughter.

In organizing the party, color theme is very important. Pink and purple are the colors that quickly come to mind when you think of Barbie, and most young girls will love to use these shades to decorate their birthday parties. Select pink plates with Barbie’s likeness in the center, along with purple streamers to line the main party table, and pink and purple balloons with the Barbie logo to adorn the corners of the party space. For an adult party with a Barbie theme, colors like cream and ruby red are ideal if vintage Barbie will be the center of attention at the celebration. Posters of Barbie on the walls, and a black and white tablecloth to resemble the bathing suit vintage Barbie wore makes the party upbeat yet sophisticated.

A large, layered birthday cake where Barbie’s torso is the centerpiece is particularly impressive for a child or adult birthday party. The fondant colors for the cake should match the guest of honor’s favorite Barbie. For instance, shades of golden tan, pink, and powder blue fondant, along with tropical flowers made of icing on a Malibu Barbie birthday cake is ideal. A hot pink-iced birthday cake in the shape of Barbie’s Corvette makes a picturesque birthday dessert as well. Place an actual Barbie inside if the cake is large enough, adorned with fabulous accessories like sunglasses and a handbag.

The purely Barbie birthday party should include Barbie party favors for each of the girls. Some good party favor choices include Barbie coloring books, Barbie pens and pencils, Barbie-decorated notebooks and binders. If your adult guests collect Barbie, fill a satin or velvet pouch with Barbie accessories, such as tiny plastic high heels, sunglasses, dresses and headbands.

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