Golden Birthday Party Ideas

By | December 30, 2011

Golden birthday party ideas are special kind of birthday. What makes it different is the birthday date of the person is the same age they are turning. It can be done using different types of themes and decorations.

While every birthday is special, certain birthdays have more significance assigned to them, depending upon your religion and culture, than others. One such birthday that has fairly universal recognition is the golden birthday, also known as either the lucky or champagne birthday, which falls on the year in which a person turns the same number of years as the number of their birthday (for example, 24 on the 24th).

Since it is the golden birthday, it is fitting to make gold the theme. Purchase gold napkins, table cloths and silverware at your local party supply store. Decorate the walls with gold streamers and put some marigolds in the center of the table. Give chocolate gold coins out to guests and use them as prizes for games if your child is celebrating their golden birthday. You can even string golden lights outside on your porch to move the party outdoors as night falls.

Since the golden birthday is all about the age the person is turning falling on a certain date, weave that as part of the theme. Give the guest turning 9 (for example) nine roses, nine charms on a bracelet or nine packets of candy. Invite guests to do something similar.

For a golden birthday cake, you might consider a yellow cake with yellow icing. Even if your guest of honor does not like lemon, you can use food coloring to dye white icing or cake a yellow color. Decorate with yellow or golden candy and decorate with an elaborate 10 (if they are turning 10) on the cake. Don’t shy away from gold candy baubles and other decorations to make the cake stand out.

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