Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

By | January 5, 2012

Elmo birthday party ideas include considerations such as decorations, food and drinks, and also party activities. Most of which can be based on the Elmo characters and show.

Giggling and learning about the world around him, Elmo is one of the most popular characters on the PBS children’s program, “Sesame Street.” Elmo-loving children will delight in an invitation to your home for an Elmo-themed party. Indulge a birthday child’s fascination with the fuzzy red monster by including aspects of Elmo’s life and personality in every detail of the celebration.

When decorating for the party, you can post a sign that reads, “Welcome to Elmo’s World.” Hang red, yellow and black crepe paper streamers from the ceiling of the party area. Spread a lemon-yellow plastic tablecloth on your food table. Place a stuffed Elmo toy in the center of the table. Place two helium-filled red and black balloon bouquets beside Elmo. Scatter red, yellow and blue curling ribbon and a sprinkling of fish or star-shaped birthday confetti on the table. Include Elmo’s pet goldfish, Dorothy, in the decorations. Cut four or five 10-by-6-inch fish shapes from orange poster board, and then suspend them with tape or tacks from the ceiling. Cut 10-inch-high upper-case letters from primary-colored poster-board to tape to walls. If you have yellow or red bed sheets in your linen closet, toss them over the chairs and couches in the party room.

The little ones will be getting hungry with all the fun they will be having so feed them in true Elmo style. Little “Dorothy” goldfish crackers are yummy as well as fruit and veggie trays. Make sandwiches and shape them with Sesame Street cookie cutters. Moreover, make Elmo-face mini pizzas for your guests. Place black olive slices for eyes and a pineapple-piece nose on sauce-covered crusts. Make the mini pizzas with cheese and pepperoni too, and present them on a platter with the Elmo pizzas. Serve cups of cranberry or tomato juice. Give guests a choice of pretzels or goldfish-shaped snacks. Offer red fruit salad made with sliced strawberries, grapes and cherries.

For drinks, serve iced down boxed drinks or a punch. Serve the punch in Elmo Sippy cups or Elmo theme party cups. You can make a cake by using an Elmo shaped cake pan and decorate according to the directions that come with the pan or you can create your own by using instructions available from online party sites. Really cute cupcake ideas are available as well.

To make the party fun, you can direct party guests to a craft table in a corner of the party room to have some activities. On the table, have child-size red baseball caps or red foam visors and adhesive-backed foam shapes to make Elmo hats. Help the children stick yellow foam circle noses and black and white oval-shaped eyes to the front of the hats. Direct those who are finished with their hats to a basket of Elmo and Sesame Street books and stuffed toys.

Give a nod to Elmo’s pet goldfish in a birthday game. Play a fish-tossing game with beanbags or plastic dollar-store toy fish. Buy or borrow a fish bowl so the children can line up one yard from the bowl and take turns throwing the fish into it. Give a plastic fish prize to each child after he plays.

Buy red craft dough and plastic cutters in the shape of Elmo and his pals. Look for Sesame Street cutters where you buy kitchen or kid’s-craft supplies. Move back to the craft table and let the children play with and cut shapes from the dough. Make sure so no one eats the craft dough. After the activity, place a blob of dough and one of the cutters in a zipper baggie for each child to take home.

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