Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas

By | January 7, 2012

Cowgirl birthday party ideas include the planning steps for the whole party such as the invitation, decorations, food and also the games for the party.

A cowgirl-themed birthday party is ideal for your daughters who enjoy cowgirls and horses or for parents looking for a creative birthday theme with lots of options for decor, menu items and activities. Children love the make-believe world. They enjoy role playing too. This is especially a good birthday idea for girls that enjoy the environment as well as the atmosphere of the cowboy/cowgirl era.

When planning for the party, the party invitations should be so catchy and interesting that the invitees actually look forward to attending it. When it comes to invitations, one of the most interesting cowgirl party ideas is to write the invite on a bandanna. Deliver this invitation yourself and when you do that, tell the parents that their daughter should come wearing it to the party. If this sounds too much of an effort for you, then go to a store and you will definitely find lots of ready-made invitations for a cowgirl party theme.

When it comes to party decorations, the mantra is to be creative and think out of the box! If you are looking for some wacky cowgirl party ideas decorations, then here are some – use cowboy boots as centerpieces and place bright sunflowers in them, decorate the venue only with white balloons and draw black colored cow spots on them with a permanent marker, paste cutouts of horses, stars and cactus on the walls, hang old pots, ropes and lanterns from the roof and if possible, use cowboy hat printed tablecloths, plates and cups.

The party food should be filling, delicious and at the same time, should lend authenticity to the theme. So, why not have a campfire? The children will love it, they can enjoy by dancing around it and at the same time gorge on roasted chicken, grilled vegetables, beef and hotdogs. Some other cowgirl birthday party ideas with regards to foods are tortilla chips and salsa, pasta, baked potatoes, mixed fruit platter, baked beans and apple pie. As for drinks, you can keep lemonade. You can even make your own ‘cactus juice’ by mixing together a lemony soft drink and green food coloring. A variety of games can also be included in the party as well to make the party more fun and enjoyable. These can include a relay race and the cowgirl dressing game.

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