First Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

By | January 10, 2012

First birthday party ideas for boys includes some considerations when planning and organizing for the party, such as the theme for party, decorations as well as the games and activities which enhance the party.

They only turn the “one” once! That’s why gathering 1st birthday ideas is one of the most important tasks that a parent will ever take on. Some really zealous parents will begin the planning process as soon as baby babbles for the first time; while others may take a more casual approach to celebrating this milestone. The first birthday is about more than just cake and ice cream. It is the beginning of a lifetime of amazing moments that they will enjoy with their child. Many memories will come from the 1st birthday party and every one that follows which even more reason to make it as special as possible.

When considering 1st birthday ideas, there are some basic tips that parents should keep in mind which can help the party planning go a little smoother, and a lot less stressful. Remember, don’t just want the child to have a “happy” birthday, you want everyone there to be just as happy, and that includes you!

For first birthday theme ideas, the traditional colors are blue and pink, and most 1st birthday decorations will feature one or both colors, along with happy animals and simple shapes and patterns. And because this is as much of an event for the parents as the children, 1st birthday invitations are often sent out announcing the occasion. 1st birthdays are very special occasions, and the memories they give to the parents are as precious as the smiles on the faces of the child. If you and your guests like sports, consider having a sports themed 1st birthday party for your favorite little rookie. You could make it a dress up party for all of the guests. If football is the theme, then have everyone wear their favorite football jerseys or even a full football uniform! Build your menu around foods that go with a sports theme such as ball-shaped finger foods and desserts.

Kids always think of a party as a time for games and gifts, and sweet things to eat and drink. Make your child’s 1st birthday party a hit for all the kids by preparing special treat bags with some fun goodies, including noisemakers and activities. 1st birthday cone hats are available for those who wish to add them to the party, and whatever you do, don’t forget to pick up some traditional birthday candles, because those are as much a part of a 1st birthday as the cake itself.

The 1st Birthday Party ideas might include colorful balloons of all different sizes and shapes, and you even want to mix in some funny barnyard animal decorations. For a small boy, pirates might be the most exciting thing in the world, so why not add a few pirate favors as part of his celebration? A 1st birthday is very important, so make it the best one, because it is the only 1st birthday he will ever have.

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