Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

By | January 13, 2012

Mickey Mouse birthday party ideas can include a variety of considerations such as the invitations for the party, decorations of the party, food and drinks to be served, games and activities and also party favors for the guests.

Mickey Mouse is a beloved character with millions of Disney fans, and since his creation decades ago, he has proven to be one of the most popular, and recognizable, cartoon characters of all time. He is as popular today as he has ever been thanks to direct-to-DVD movies from Disney. For the younger children, Mickey and friends are a great theme for a party. There are many different ways to incorporate Mickey Mouse, and his famous clubhouse, into the party, from hats or costumes to club-themed party favors and decorations.

For the party invitations, you can send out Mickey-related birthday party invitations. Many of the pre-made versions feature the character’s latest show, Playhouse Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” If you’d rather design your own with more of a classic look, download clip art and place it on cards created with red, yellow and black cardstock.
When the children arrive, they should be arriving in Mickey’s house. This means you need to decorate the entire place in the colors of red, black and white, just like Mickey Mouse, as well as put up a great deal of decorations. Using some cardboard, you can create a mini Mickey Mouse wonderland for the children, complete with large cardboard cutouts that you made days before just for the party.

In addition, during the party, you can set the mood by playing soundtracks from popular Disney movies in the background or by running classic Mickey cartoons on the television. For the food, you can serve mouse-themed food like cheese and crackers or grilled cheese sandwiches cut with a Mickey-shaped cookie cutter. You can also serve red punch and yellow foods (like pineapple or lemon cookies) to stick with the color scheme.

Never forget to create fun for the party. This can be done by organizing games like “Pass the Ears.” Play the “Mickey Mouse Club March” as your guests put on, remove and pass a pair of Mickey ears; whoever is holding the ears when the music stops is out of the game. Repeat the process until one person remains. You can also hold a Mickey Mouse impersonation contest or one to see who can eat the most pieces of cheese in one minute.

You can also prepare some party favor for the guests especially those kids. They have often not yet grasped the concept of one child being the recipient of gifts, and may get jealous of all the gift giving. A small party favor is normally a great way to allow the birthday child to receive many gifts without causing problems with all of the other children. Many retailers that offer party goods and décor have great ideas for Mickey-inspired parties and themes.

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