Monkey Birthday Party Ideas

By | January 16, 2012

Monkey birthday party ideas are great for children and toddlers and it includes some considerations such as decorations, food and drinks, cake, party ambience, games and activities, and also the party favors.

If you want to throw an energetic party, you’re much better off throwing a monkey party than a sloth party. A monkey-themed party is a great way to establish a playful atmosphere at a party. Tailor the individual elements of your party to make it a celebration worth swinging on a vine to.

For the decorations of the party, the best colors for a monkey-theme party are usually jungle colors (green, tan, yellow). Have tons of balloons and papers streamers inside those colors around the yard and party area. Play “Tarzan” soundtrack or even similar sort songs in the shadows. Attract monkey pictures and also reduce all of them out to enhance a fence, timber, as well as the walls of your property. (You may also use monkey cards instead of sketching the photos.) Eliminate designs of coconuts, bananas, pineapples, as well as other tropical fruits. Put them on the front yard to lead your monkey birthday party friends to the entry way.

Offer your guests food fit for all types of monkeys at your party. Bananas are an obvious choice; this is a party, however, so go beyond merely handing out individual bananas for your guests to eat. Bake some banana bread and/or a banana cream pie. Whip up some banana pudding. Leave out a dish of dried banana chips. Monkeys eat foods besides bananas, so offer your guests a more authentic monkey menu. For example, if you want to serve food that spider monkeys eat in the zoo, offer your guests healthy foods like celery, apples, carrots, wheat bread and various seeds.

A monkey cake is essential for a birthday party. There are a few options for cakes for a monkey party. First, you can make a cake in the shape of a monkey. This is ambitious and requires multiple cakes to be cut and reshaped in the shape of a monkey. Another option is a round cake (single or double layer) that has a monkey face on it. You can use frosting or toppings such as brown M&Ms to create the face. A third option is to make a sheet cake. You can top the sheet cake with an image of a monkey, a jungle scene or something else you think your child would like. As an alternative to monkey cake, you can make monkey cupcakes.

Monkeys are not reserved, quiet creatures. The howler monkey, for example, is considered to be the loudest animal on earth. Make your party sound like a roomful of monkeys and play some monkey sounds and music. Play a CD or MP3s of monkey screeches and calls in the background. Songs with a monkey theme and subject matter will work at your monkey party. Play songs like George Michael’s “Monkey,” Peter Gabriel’s “Shock The Monkey,” Beastie Boys’ “Brass Monkey” and/or Foo Fighters’ “Monkey Wrench.” Any song by the faux pop group The Monkees will do, as well.

A fun game to play during the party is “Monkey see, Monkey do,” a game similar to Simon Says. Using a large monkey stuffed animal, have children follow what the monkey says. For example, say to the children “Monkey says touch your nose” and the children who follow and touch their finger to their nose get a prize.

Finally, you can thank your guests with some party favors. There are many types of banana-flavored candy like lollipops and jelly beans that you can give out to your guests as party favors. Monkey pens, notepads, stickers or socks also make great favors!

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