Boys 16th Birthday Party Ideas

By | January 27, 2012

There are many options for boys 16th birthday party ideas such as the arcades birthday party, VIP birthday party, sports-theme party, pool party and also the beach party.

A 16th birthday is a monumental milestone for many teenagers; he is now a year closer to adulthood and, most likely, already feeling very grown up. Party planners can organize a birthday party for the almost-adult by using his interests as a guide for the theme. Whether the birthday boy would enjoy being treated like a VIP or would love to see his name on a sports stadium scoreboard sign, there are many options available to make the party a hit for him and his guests. Sweet 16 parties are typically associated with girls, but boys deserve a big bash for the milestone birthday as well. Consider the personality of the birthday boy when deciding on the details of the party. Use his hobbies or interests as a guide for the theme and planning.

Many arcades offer birthday party packages that allow party planners to rent a private room for food and drinks, and purchase tokens for fun with hundreds of on-site game options. Teens can play racing, flight simulation and shooting games, play on the pinball machines, a game of air hockey and even a round of billiards. The 16-year-old birthday boy and his friends are sure to be entertained for hours.

Party planners can arrange for VIP treatment for the birthday boy with a movie theater birthday party. Private rooms are available to accommodate the guests, gifts and the seemingly unlimited amount of food necessary to feed a group of teenage boys. In between lunch and the movie, the party group can hang out in the arcade to wait for the movie to begin if the theater has one. When the time comes for the movie, theater staff will escort the birthday boy and his guests to reserved seats and top up the popcorn and drinks. Add a little bit more to the theme by decorating the birthday cake to look like a movie ticket.

Party planners can organize a sports-themed birthday party for the 16-year-old sports enthusiast. One option for the boy that loves basketball is to rent a gymnasium and host a game among friends. Make a 3D basketball cake for the guests to enjoy and have the adults dress up as referees for the party. Rather than a party playing sports, party planners can also purchase tickets to a game for the group and even hire a limousine to escort the boys to and from the stadium.

A pool party is a gender-neutral party idea that works well for a 16th birthday. Organize pool games to keep the party moving. A pool party doesn’t require a lot of decorations. Hang a few 16th birthday decorations along with 16th birthday balloons to dress up the outdoor venue. Include lots of finger foods to keep the kids nourished. Finish off the pool party with a barbecue.
A beach party is a great idea to let the boys hang out together and enjoy the birthday. Arrange a good supply of food and drinks coming in when all of you a lounge on the beach. Leave the rest to the sun and sand which would not fail to get your son and his friends in the right mood.

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