Mario Birthday Party Ideas

By | February 2, 2012

Mario birthday party ideas include a few considerations such as themes, decorations, food as well as the games and activities during the party.

The Mario Brothers are two iconic video game characters that emerged in 1983 in an arcade game. Mario and Luigi have remained in the spotlight ever since and have evolved into one of Nintendo’s most famous brands. People who enjoy the characters may want to have a party with a Mario Brothers theme. Because of the characters’ popularity, items for the party are easy to find, or you could create your own.

You can hold a vintage Mario Brothers party. This can be an enjoyable way for adults to reminisce about classic games from their past. Hook up old video game systems, such as the original Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo, to the TVs around the house and encourage your guests to play. Decorate the party area with pictures from the original Mario Brothers games. Have bowls of chocolate gold coins around the house for snacking to represent the coins found in the games. From making Mario or Luigi grow more powerful to providing an extra life, mushrooms play an important role in the game. Incorporate this food into your main party dish, such as mushroom linguine or mushroom pizza, but be sure to have an alternative on hand in case anyone is allergic.

The Mario Kart series of video games features race tracks where characters such as Yoshi the dinosaur, Mario, Luigi and Mario’s nemesis, Wario, compete in go-karts. Hold a race-themed Mario Brothers party. For entertainment, hold a Mario kart-racing tournament for guests to show off their video game skills. Set up a podium and hold an awards ceremony similar to one found in the game for the winners. Intersperse checkered flags and tires in with regular Mario-themed decorations. You can also incorporate that decorating technique into the cake.

Besides that, you can also have a Mario Brothers pool party with a water world theme. The water world is a level in several Mario Brothers games where players must maneuver through an underwater environment. Decorate your patio and pool area with the fish found in the games. Place inflatable Mario Brother’s toys and objects in the pool with which guests can play. Play a Mario Brothers version of the water game “chicken.” One guest takes a turn jumping into the pool with his best Mario move. All other guests must follow. If a guest doesn’t do it correctly, he gets a letter from the name “Mario.” The first person to get all the letters loses.

The party’s decorations are going to be what takes the most time to plan. There are hundreds of different options to choose from. Also available are packs that include enough supplies, decorations, and favors for large groups of kids. I’m not sure if the pack method saves money, but it saves time in having to decide on which favors to use. All of the Mario decorations are very bright and fun colored, so any that you choose are going to be festive. An important detail to pay attention to is that all of your decorations come from the same Mario game. There are small differences in Mario’s appearance from one game to the next, and some of the more astute kids at your party will definitely notice.

The Super Mario Bros. games are all about obstacle courses, so let the kids go through an obstacle course with a member from each team racing each other. Have them jump boxes; go through tubes and such to get to the finish line. After each child has raced, you can add up all the times and see what team won. Then, you give the winning team something big and the losing team something big as well for trying so hard. That way everyone feels like they won something. It could be a gift bag, or even a small trophy. The choice is yours.

As for the cake of the party, you can perhaps use some scenes or anything that appears in the game as a guide in making the cake. There are several blocks in Super Mario Bros. that Mario and Luigi have to jump over, so when you make the cake, make it into small blocks that mirror the format of the original series that dates back the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. While you are at it, serve some other pastries that look like the little owls and flying turtles that you see in the games. The kids will love these treats, especially after the obstacle course.

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