Small Birthday Party Ideas

By | February 7, 2012

Small birthday party ideas are good for saving cost and it can be budget-friendly to most parents. There are various ideas that can be used for holding a small birthday party, for example, the camping theme birthday party.

When you’re a kid, your birthday is a big deal: you get presents when everyone else does not, and you can often get away with just a little bit more than you could under normal circumstances. Parents, on the other hand, may approach the big day with a bit of dread. After all, birthday parties can become very expensive very quickly, and no parent wants to say “no” to the birthday boy or girl and spoil the fun.

The secret to holding a budget-friendly small birthday party is to remember that the child is looking for a celebration of the self, not a celebration of wealth. Truth be told, most children have no idea what a birthday party costs, and if you handle the details just right, the kids will have just as much fun at a low-cost party as they would at a lavish affair. These ideas can get you started down the right path.

There are many ideas when creating a small birthday party. One of them is, perhaps, a camping party idea. Set up a large tent in the middle of the yard, and fill the bottom of the tent with comfy cushions and blankets. When kids arrived with their gifts you can then place those presents in the center of the tent. Decorate the yard with green and brown streamers, and put a few orange balloons in a makeshift “campfire” circle of stones. When it’s time for games, ask the kids to go on a nature-oriented scavenger hunt in the yard. You can ask them to look for stones of a particular size or pinecones of a certain width. Or, you can tag nature items in your yard with small numbered stickers and ask the kids to find the items with the numbers. Winners should take home flashlights.

Almost all little girls have a princess costume somewhere in their wardrobe. Ask all guests to arrive in their finery, and allow them to be part of the decorations. Use your best white tablecloth and use a 3-hole punch to make confetti out of pink scratch paper. Head to the thrift store and look for “real” china teacups the girls can use, and hold a high tea at cake time. Princesses can make wands at game time by cutting out stars of craft paper and gluing them to sticks.

If your child simply must have a party based on a television character or beloved cartoon figure, spend carefully. Buy one item of this theme, such as one Mylar balloon, and then base the rest of your decorations on that color scheme. There’s no need to buy SpongeBob plates, napkins, streamers and favors when the simple color yellow will be less expensive and suit your theme just as well. You can also print out a picture of the character using your computer and make your own version of pin-the-tail-on-the-character at playtime.

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