Halloween Birthday Party Ideas Part 1

By | February 10, 2012

Halloween birthday party ideas include many considerations such as decorations for the party, themes for the party, food and drinks, costumes, as well as the games and activities for the party.

A Halloween birthday party is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Not only does it incorporate one of the most child oriented events of the year but it also gives opportunity for a costume party. Halloween party ideas are abundant and will turn out not so expensive since the supplies can be coordinated with the real Halloween event. Halloween party ideas range from decorations to foods as well as costumes and giveaways.

Decorations for Halloween can be based on the ages and disposition of the attendees and the celebrant. Halloween party ideas for younger children can be made of fantasy inspired themes like fairies, movie or cartoon characters as well as those from books. Including the macabre and scary Halloween party ideas in decorations may not be appropriate for younger children and traumatized them.

Furthermore, you can decorate your house like a haunted house with cobwebs, streamers, fake gravestones and skeletons. Use yellow “police line” tape to keep children out of rooms you don’t want them in and use old white sheets to make ghosts that you can hang up around the house. Transform one room into a black light Halloween fun room where you keep the natural lights off and use a black light with special markers to allow kids to draw pumpkins, ghosts and other creations on the wall that will show up in the black light. Cover the walls with butcher paper to protect your walls.

Some Halloween party ideas for food are muffins that have sugar icing made into bats, vampires, cats and ghosts while the cake can either be a haunted house, a pumpkin or an eerie forest. Invitations can state the theme or even depict the theme of the party. This specification will help guide your guests as to what kind of party it will be.

Costume contests are Halloween party staples, and they’re great for teen parties. Let the kids vote for their favorite costume, or have different categories for the competition so that you have a few different winners. Of course, make sure you have some prizes on hand for the best Halloween costume winners. If your neighbors or other parents are willing to lend a hand, teens love haunted houses. Set up an area of your home as a haunted house. You don’t need much more than dim lighting, a spooky soundtrack and a few good sports willing to don a costume and jump out at unsuspecting teens.

You can put a Halloween twist on a few classic games to provide your little guests with entertainment. Create a maze in your backyard out of hay bales; set up a craft station where children can color miniature pumpkins and gourds. Fill a large bucket with water and have children go bobbing for miniature pumpkins. Play a game of “Pin the Crow on the Scarecrow” and give the winner a large pumpkin to take home and carve with his parents. This will certainly bring a lot of fun to the party.

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