Luau Birthday Cakes

By | February 14, 2012

Luau birthday cakes can have a variety of designs and patterns such as island, beach, and also palm trees. It all depends on your creativity and if you don’t feel like creating the custom cake yourselves, you can always order a ready-made one from local bakery.

Luau is a not-so-popular word often associated with Hawaii. According to history, the word luau started when a feast was held by a king of Hawaii to end the religious taboos related to dining. At present, luau refers to any kind of feast that showcases traditional Hawaiian custom and food. It is an occasion that usually includes decorations such as palm trees, beach setting, flower leis, surfboards, tiki torches and other things connected with Hawaii, beach and summer.

Meanwhile, people nowadays use the term ‘luau’ for a special event theme such as wedding celebrations and of course, birthday parties. A birthday party will definitely be incomplete without a birthday cake which is why a luau birthday cake for a luau party theme will be perfect.

Custom cake designs are made tempting by chefs or bakers with the use of colorful icings. Bright colors like blue and orange are the common hues that you can find on a luau birthday cake. More often than not, luau birthday cakes consist of starfish and seashells of different sizes made with delicious fondant icings. Designs such as tiki pillars and palm trees are also common. However, those designs are a bit difficult to make because of the three-dimensional effect so might as well expect that it is more expensive than the two-dimensional or flat cakes. On the other hand, if you think that cakes with luau designs are more expensive, you can still create your own if you know how to bake.

You can make your own cake, with your relatives or friends, which can make it more memorable and enjoyable. Moreover, it will help to decrease your expenses for the event. It is just as easy as baking a simple chiffon topped with icing. You can just buy small toys to design the cake. It’s not edible but it will surely make the cake more pleasing to the eye. Either way you want your luau birthday cake to be: customized, bought or homemade, you will surely have your guests talking about how unique and special your party is, probably even the following day.

There are a variety of designs and patterns that you can use to create the cake. You can design the luau cake to resemble an island. Start with a two-layer round cake. Carve the edges and top of the cake to resemble an island that gradually slopes down to the water. Ice the cake, and cover it with crushed graham crackers to resemble sand. Cover the cake board with blue icing to represent the ocean. Add fondant palm trees, surfboards and other beach items.

Stack three round cakes of different sizes to make a three tier cake. Use blue icing to create a flowing waterfall down the front of the cake. Decorate the remainder of the cake in green icing to represent a lush environment. Make rocks out of gray fondant, and place them along the edges of the waterfall. Add a fondant palm tree to the top of the cake.

Furthermore, the cake for your Hawaiian Luau birthday party, iced with white frosting with a tinged of cool blue, will attract everyone’s attention. Another nice option is to bake a rectangular cake. To create the beach effect, apply white frosting to its upper layer and sprinkle brown sugar on it. These designs are surely creative enough to bring attentions and excitement to the party.

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