Little Girls Birthday Party Ideas Part 1

By | February 18, 2012

There are wide variants for little girls’ birthday party ideas. Some examples include the princess theme, butterfly theme, fairy theme, tea party and also the costume party.

No matter how old you get, birthdays are always the most awaited days of the year. On this day everyone feels special and is treated with a lot of affection and care. Children are the ones who truly wait for their birthday as it makes them feel bigger. They eagerly wait to receive their gifts and surprises from their parents. Party ideas for little girls are always not lacking since they are easy to plan and organize.

There are plenty of ideas for little girls’ birthday party. One of the most popular one, perhaps, it’s the princess theme party. All little girls dream of becoming a real princess and a princess themed birthday party is all that they need. Decorate the location with princess décor, including fake castles, unicorn cutouts and use paper plates and other cutlery with princess themes. The table cloths and napkins should also be printed with princesses and castles. You can choose a Barbie princess or Disney princess as the central theme. Choose birthday party games related to the princess theme and cut a princess shaped cake. The return gifts to the children should include princess stickers, lip gloss, nail polish, princess hair clips, socks with little princess printed over it, etc.

Butterflies are one of the few six-legged creatures children love. You can base the birthday party theme idea on butterflies. Send birthday cards shaped like butterflies. Cakes should be shaped like a butterfly with many plastic butterfly decorations. You can even order cupcakes shaped like butterflies. You can have face painting for kids and tattoo butterflies on their faces and arms. The birthday gift baskets for the little guests should include pretty butterfly t-shirts, handkerchiefs, headbands with butterfly antenna or little butterfly embellishments.

Fairy theme is another favorite fantasy scenario that your little girl will adore for her birthday is the fairy themed birthday party. Here, you can make the party a little more interesting by giving all the guests a little fairy tiara and a little fairy wand. There are some wands that can be purchased which come with little lights and sounds, to give the perfect fairy appeal.

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