Kids Birthday Parties

By | March 1, 2012

There are many different ideas for kids’ birthday parties and organizing one is not that difficult. It requires some preparations and considerations such as invitations, decorations, themes, food and drinks, games and activities.

Kids’ parties are more fun than adult parties. You don’t have to be so serious, and you can let your inner child out as well. Plus, by the end of the day when all the kids’ energy has come to a halt, and they fall asleep, you’re right there, lying next to them, taking a little nap yourself!

First and foremost, pick a theme with your child. He or she might want a licensed character (Sponge Bob, or Scooby-Doo) or a pirate party, fairy princess party, etc. But make sure it is age appropriate. We don’t want them having a “poop party”. Write down all your child’s ideas on a sheet of paper, from theme to decorations, so you don’t forget.

Invitation is not that difficult. Check your calendar to make sure you’re not scheduling the party at the same time as your child’s soccer game or piano lessons. Make sure you write down the name of each guest invited, so you know how many chairs, how much food, goody bags, etc. that you will need.

You can also let your kid choose who they want to invite, but keep the guest list small. The old rule of thumb was one guest for every year of the child’s age; if you want to invite a few more, go ahead, but keep in mind that the more guests you invite, the more effort and cost the party will be to put together and the greater the chance that you’ll have to handle a moppet meltdown once the party’s underway. Limiting the guest list also helps if you decide to let your child open presents at the party, since watching someone else un-wrap endless gifts is sure to send any tyke into a tailspin.

If your tot is younger than five years old, specify on your invitation that parents are invited too, and make sure you have extra of whatever the small fries are eating for hungry grown-ups. No matter what your child’s age, have at least two adults on hand — one to run the activities and one to handle any problem (children or otherwise) that may arise. If you’re the only one available, hire a babysitter to help out.

Balloons are classic, and kids especially love the helium-filled kind. A few on your mailbox can help partygoers identify where the party is and set a festive mood before guests even walk in the door. However, exercise caution with very young children, since uninflected or popped balloons can be a choking hazard. Streamers and banners are also old favas. Make your own personalized banner by painting a large piece of craft paper, then hang it low on the wall and ask guests to write notes or draw on it. (Just don’t try this with really little ones or you could end up with a decorated wall as well as banner.) Sidewalk chalk sentiments (“Happy 8th Birthday, Aiden!”) in your driveway and on the walk in front of your house make the birthday boy or girl feel special. And don’t forget to decorate the guests themselves with party hats!

Party food needs to be planned as well. Most importantly, you’ll need to decide whether to buy a cake or make one (or two). Make sure to get your order in on time or to shop for ingredients ahead of time so you can make the cake(s) the night before the party. Decide what kind of food to have – some suggestions are pizzas (very easy to just have them delivered); finger sandwiches; lunch bags with a sandwich, small bag of chips and a party favor; or you can make large orders with a fast food restaurant for chicken nuggets or cheeseburgers or, of course, from a catering company. If weather permits and you have a willing BBQ chef, kids love grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Don’t forget the trimmings!

Games are such an important part of any kid’s birthday party, but getting the right types of children’s party games can sometimes be a little bit tricky. To help you out, we have put together a whole heap of kid’s party games for different ages, and different types of birthday parties, and there will be more added over the coming months. Games are almost mandatory for children’s parties, but you can substitute craft projects, or renting a bounce room or a clown. (Look in your phone book for party rentals near you.)

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