Dog Birthday Party Ideas

By | March 14, 2012

Dog birthday party ideas include a few considerations such as the decorations, food and drinks, games and activities, and also the party favor for the guests. This type of party make a difference and it is suitable for those kids who like dogs.

Dogs are loveable, playful, cuddly, and warm. They make children laugh and some will play fetch and chase all afternoon long without tiring. The ultimate dog theme birthday party is one where the guests can bring their dogs along. Think high-end dog park, socializing two-legged and four-legged creatures at the same time. Plus you won’t feel guilty about another evening out without the dog. And, yes, we realize you non-dog lovers out there have now moved to the luau birthday party page.

The decoration sets the mood for a party, so don’t hold back. For a Clifford the Big Red Dog party, hang red and white streamers throughout your home or backyard. Make paw-print cutouts and have those leading guests from the front door to the party area. Make cardboard dog ears of all shapes and sizes that the children can choose from and wear. A large, cardboard box and a can of spray paint can be quickly transformed into a dog house. If dogs will be attending your bash, strategically sprinkle tennis balls and other dog toys throughout the yard.

No party is complete without food. Visit a baking specialty store and buy large dog-biscuit-shaped cookie cutters. You can use these to make “dog biscuits” for the kids, or cut shapes out of sandwiches. Put out trail mix for the children to snack on, but serve it in large, clean dog bowls. Four cupcakes and one loaf cake can be arranged to create a dog bone shape for the cake. If hosting a Clifford party, use red frosting. If real dogs will be in attendance, offer them dog biscuits or attempt to make your own doggy cupcakes.

Games can create a fun ambience of the party. One dog-themed game will have kids singing, “Doggy, Doggy, where’s your bone? Somebody stole it from your home. Guess who! Maybe it’s you or maybe the monkeys from the zoo. Wake up doggy, find your bone.” The birthday kid will sit in the middle of a circle of other children with his eyes closed while the other kids chant the song. Give one of the children a bone (or, if real dogs are present, use a cardboard bone). All children will hide their hands behind their backs. When the chant is over, the “doggy” uncovers his eyes and guesses that has the bone. He gets three tries. The person with the bone gets to be the next doggy. Alternately, have the kids play more traditional games with a canine spin. For instance, you can host a relay race in which participants carry a dog biscuit on a teaspoon. If hosting real dogs other than your own, consider placing a couple of baby wading pools in your yard for the four-legged partygoers to splash in.

No dog party is complete without snacks. Make homemade dog biscuits, or buy unique dog treats; arrange these treats on decorative platters. When making or buying treats for the event try to use treats that are healthy, make or buy treats that are smaller in size. No one wants to be remembered for being the one that got sick at your party.

You can save money on party favors, by purchasing a party packs made for children in a dog theme. Some of the party packs well suited for a canine party would be, themes from movies or shows such as Bolt, Snoopy, Blue’s Clues, Scooby Doo etc. These party packs come with streamers, hats, plates, cups, and many other decorations to create the perfect dog themed party.

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