75th Birthday Party Ideas

By | March 20, 2012

There are a variety of 75th birthday party ideas which you can choose from and it all depends on the celebrant’s preferences or your own preferences. Some ideas include themed party and charity dance party. As for the gift ideas, you can perhaps choose something that is more sentimental, memorable and touching.

Reaching 75 years of age is a blessing that should be cherished and celebrated. Some people may celebrate it with a grand party while others prefer simple but more personalized gifts to commemorate this milestone occasion. There are many 75th birthday ideas that you can choose from depending on the celebrant’s preference.

Some people who have reached 75 years want to share the blessings and wealth they have accumulated through the years. A charity dance would be a wonderful way to remember the reveler’s birthday and his/her preference for sharing. Find out which charitable foundation the celebrant would like to support, after making a discussion with him or her. Invitations to the guests should indicate the theme of the party. There are also events coordinators, whom can help you plan the details of the event.

Frame old photographs of the guest of honor in different silver and gold vintage-looking frames. Choose portraits, family photographs and photographs showing slices of life–such as photos from a beach trip–to show guests how the loved one looked in his younger years. Mix those with photos of him with his family today. Display them on a gift table or a buffet at the entrance to the party.

Organize a themed party recreating the year or era when the celebrant was born. When the birthday is being celebrated, special attention must be paid to decoration of the venue, invitations and dinner. You can employ vintage cars, discoveries and also the furniture items of those gone years to decorate the venue of the birthday party, in case the celebrant was born nearly 70 to 80 years before to bring back the memories of that golden/diamond era. You can also ask guests to wear fashion that was in vogue during that time.

Some wonderful gift ideas you can give to someone special celebrating a 75th birthday are: go platinum; record greetings for the celebrant; give a creative gift basket; touch the heart of the celebrant by making a collage or scrapbook; consider the celebrant’s hobbies and interest; surprise the celebrant with a ticket for two to an extraordinary vacation destination; or get sentimental by framing a portrait, painting, or a poem. The more aged people are, the more sentimental they become. A personal, handmade gift like a scrapbook or a collage of pictures will touch the heart of your special celebrant. Do not forget to include pictures taken during the different milestones of the celebrant’s life. Look for pictures from a baptism, school days, graduation, first job, wedding, first family picture, and other memorable moments in the person’s life. If you decide on making a scrapbook, include photos of the celebrant’s favorite stars, sports team, favorite movies, and even favorite food. Post the lines of favorite songs, poems, quotes, and other stuff which will truly touch the celebrant. Greetings from the celebrant’s grandchildren, kids, in-laws, and other close friends will also make the surprise more sentimental.

An elegant buffet gives guests several choices and can look refined if served in silver chaffing dishes. Think of foods that are easy to make but also looks elegant and expensive, such as quiches and fruit displays. This will surely bring a difference to the guests as well as the celebrant.

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