Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

By | April 3, 2012

Minnie mouse birthday party ideas include some considerations like cake, decorations, party favor, games and activities, as well as the food for the party.

Minnie Mouse is an iconic figure that people know throughout the world. Minnie is part of the Disney characters and one of the first set of characters. Minnie is commonly known as Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend who begs the question why hasn’t he married her yet? But we digress. You are looking to host the best Minnie Mouse birthday party ever and you’ve just started. There is plenty of information on this popular theme and plenty of stuff available for this theme party.

When planning just about any birthday party you’ll need a cake, decorations, party favors and games. Those are the four key elements of any good party. The rest of the things that people discuss such as party invitations, costumes, etc. are a nice touch but not necessary especially when discussing such a well-known and popular theme!

The first thing to consider is the Minnie Mouse cake. You have a few different options which include creating it yourself or buying one from a local bakery. If you opt to buy one be sure to plan in advance as they will need usually a week to prepare the cake. As well, a store bought cake will usually be more expensive than the alternative. If you want to make the cake yourself but don’t have great decorating skills don’t be worried. You can simply put a layer of white icing on the top and place cake toppers on the top. These cake toppers make a great toy afterwards too! If you have more cake decorating skills then consider purchasing a Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse cake pan. You simply pour the batter into the pan, bake it and it will come out in the shape of Minnie. You then ice the cake with her features and create your very own Minnie Mouse Cake. It’s actually not as challenging as it sounds and you’ll be surprised how well it will turn out! The Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas on food would even get you to be creative with Minnie Mouse shaped sandwiches and burger patties and even cupcakes.

Next you’ll want to consider the decorations. Luckily you have a very easy theme to decorate and simply need streamers, balloons and a few themed items. In fact, you can probably re-use old decorations as long as they are in the typical Disney or Minnie colors. You can also purchase a cardboard stand-up of Minnie which is makes a great photo opportunity for the parents and kids. Having themed tableware for the party is also a nice touch.

A kids birthday party ideas would never be complete if you don’t plan for activities and games. A Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas on activities and games can include “pin the nose on Minnie Mouse”, “Minnie Mouse scavenger hunt”, “decorate the cupcakes with a Minnie Mouse theme”, Minnie Mouse piñata and even “Minnie Mouse face painting” sessions. A game of musical chairs with the Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme song would be fun too.

The games and party favors can often be combined. You can purchase party favors which can be used as part of the games. This would include who can draw the best Minnie Mouse (or if they are boys a Mickey Mouse). However, it is more common to have a Minnie Mouse party favor that is separate from the games. In this case you can buy pre-assembled party favor boxes which are licensed by Disney. The alternative is to visit your local dollar store or Wal-Mart and create your own party favors!

This type of theme party will always bring a lot of fun to the kids. It surely make a difference as compared with other types of birthday party.

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