Boy Birthday Party Ideas

By | April 13, 2012

Boy birthday party ideas are endless and it all depends on your creativity and imagination. You can create fun and interesting themes from something that your boy likes a lot. Some considerations for organizing the party include the themes, activities and the food menu.

The boy birthday party theme ideas are endless. You can pretty much make a theme party out of something that your boy likes very much. From dinosaurs to super heroes to a visit with an actual firefighter, make this a party that your birthday boy won’t forget!

Choose a theme that your son won’t find embarrassing, such as a sports theme. Make it all about his favorite sport or team if he has a clear favorite. Use an activity theme, such as hiking, camping or conquering the wilderness. Paint splatters or lasers can serve as the theme if the main activity will be laser tag or paintball guns. Your son’s favorite video game can serve as the theme as well–if it’s age-appropriate. A carnival theme can work for a coed party.

Host the party at home if you have enough space for a group of boys to run around. Overnight parties, such as video game marathons or backyard camp-outs, or coed parties can also be held at your home. Rent out a hall, go to the beach, an amusement park or camping site. The bowling alley, local arcade or skating rink can also work. Rent a skate park or racing venue if skateboarding, BMX bikes or go-kart racing is more your son’s style.

Childhood favorites, such as hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza, are typically easy and well-liked by boys. Add soft drinks, nachos, chips, pretzels, snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn and other snacks. Get creative with the food by using the party theme to dictate what you serve and how you serve it. For example, set up concession stands for a sports or carnival party or have a barbecue for a camping party.

No matter what age the birthday boy will be, birthday parties should be planned with a choice of the boy’s interests as the theme. Generally speaking, the number of guests should be around the same number as the age that the birthday boy is turning. For example, five guests for a five-year-old. There are many ways to create a party around a theme, such as race cars, trains, super heroes or karate. Have each category relate to the theme, and the party will work. The party categories include craft, food, entertainment and party favors. Think of something for each category that goes with the theme, prepare them in order and the party will be a success. This may involve bringing in hired entertainment, such as a clown or magician.

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