5 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

By | April 24, 2012

5 year old birthday party ideas come in many different styles and themes. You can create party based on your child’s interest and passion. Some examples of themes that a five year old will like are the superheroes theme and the pirate theme. You can also organize a costume party which can let the imagination goes wild.

Five-year-olds love to have their passions incorporated into a party: ballerinas, pirates, Batman, Cinderella, and SpongeBob. This makes it easier to plan – themed plates, napkins, cake decorations, and party favors are readily available online and at party supply stores. And kids go nuts for anything that’s emblazoned with their favorite character.

But you could also steer your child toward his more distinctive interests. Maybe he loves to help you tend plants in the backyard – you could throw a garden party. The guests could make tissue paper flowers, plant bulbs in small pots to take home, and snack on garden-fresh veggies. Or your child might be crazy about camping – you could pitch a few tents in the yard or at the park and serve hot dogs and s’mores. You can host a tea party and invite guests to bring their dolls or stuffed animals.

Children this age love to dress up. You could suggest that they come as kings and queens or their favorite superhero. It’s also fun to help the kids make their own costumes at the party. At a cat party, you could make masks with whiskers and ears from construction paper, or for a pirate party you can help the kids create hats and eye patches out of construction paper and then swords from cardboard covered with foil.

Five-year-old boys often enjoy playing with superhero action figures or watching superhero cartoons on television. If you have a junior superhero, then adopt a superhero theme for the party. Ask guests to attend the party dressed as their favorite superheroes. Purchase superhero decorations and party supplies at your local party superstore. Purchase as superhero piñata to be used at the event. Have ample art supplies on hand and allow guests to create their own superhero masks.

Besides that, you can unleash the inner pirate in your 5-year-old by throwing a pirate-themed birthday party. Print or purchase treasure map invitations for your event, and decorate with pirate flags and ship designs. Hide a treasure chest in your backyard, and give attendees a map to find the loot. Decorate the cake so that it resembles a pirate chest or treasure map. Invite a friend — or feel free to do the duty yourself — to dress up as a pirate and read a pirate adventure story to the kids.

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