4 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

By | May 12, 2012

4 years old birthday party ideas include a few considerations which are the party themes, food, and perhaps the most important one is the games for the party. Some examples of games that can be fun for them include the Simon says, and balloon stamp.

Young children don’t need to know too far ahead about their parties. You may be thinking about it for weeks in advance but to a child, a month is an eternity. A week’s notice is much more in keeping with a young child’s sense of time.

An example of party theme which can be used for a 4 years old girl’s birthday is the princess theme birthday. Princess-themed birthday parties are popular among young girls. You can make her dream come true by throwing her the perfect princess party. With the right decorations, invitations, games and refreshments, the birthday girl and her guests can feel as if they have stepped into a real, live fairy tale.

Perhaps for 4 years old kid, the most important thing is his/her eyes is playing. They enjoy playing very much especially those lively and energetic things. Entertainment and fun factor is very important while you celebrate your kid’s birthday. Each of his/her friend enjoys the party, is what you must make sure. The fun factor can be added with some interesting games during the celebration. So, birthday party games for 4 year olds need to be arranged considering their age. Kids of this age won’t be interested in games involving puzzles and quizzes. So, you need have some energetic and lively games that will add merriment and entertainment to the birthday party.

For that, you will need to organize games and activities which are both fun and interesting. One great game idea is the Simon says. This is one of the popular birthday party games suitable for 4 year old kids. You can be the leader of this game. Ask all kids to stand in a line. Now you are ‘Simon’ in the game who calls for an action. For e.g., here’s a command, “Simon says, hold your ears and jump in air for 5 times.” Another command can be “Simon says, clap clap and tap your feet.” As you give an instruction, all players will act accordingly. The one who doesn’t follow the instructions will be out. You can give commands like hop, turnabout, sit down, etc. The child, who is standing till the end, wins the game. Now he/ she can be “Simon”.

Balloons will be available in your home as they are commonly used for birthday party decorations. Start the game by tying blown balloons to hands of each kid using ribbons. When this task is finished, the fun starts. Ask kids to pop each other’s balloons. Kids are sure to enjoy this game. You can also tie balloons to their ankles instead, and ask them to stomp over each other’s balloons. Just make sure that they are not wearing footwear as the same can lead to injury. The kid left with balloon on his/ her ankle or hand is the winner!

Of course this is not all, you can make use of your own creativity to come out with some great ideas and make the party as fun as possible.

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