65th Birthday Party Ideas

By | May 19, 2012

There are many different 65th birthday party ideas which you can choose from. It also requires some considerations like themes, decoration, invitation, and games and activities for the party. You should make the party as interesting as possible so that it will be an enjoyable time for everyone.

50 and 60 have come and gone and now 65 are here! Age 65 used to mean it was time to retire, and the 65th birthday party was a great way to signal that change in your life. Now people retire at whatever age they want, and though the 65th birthday party has lost this tie in it still remains a widely held celebration. Throwing a 65th birthday means you’ll need 65trh birthday party supplies and a great 65th birthday gift.

When hosting a party you should consider everyone who is attending. You want them all, birthday person included, to have an enjoyable time. That is why the ambiance and setting is so important. Designing a display to be used at your party that will pay tribute to the birthday person is added touches that can make your party stand out from other birthday bashes. Use anything from old photographs to trophies, anything that says who they were and are now. You can also include a recreated Birthday Newspaper in your display. With this personalized print their birth becomes a part of history and also provides facts and trivia about the date of birth.

Furthermore, you should start by picking out a theme first. You can go with a traditional Over the Hill theme or you can go more happy and cheerful with just a 65th Birthday theme. 65th birthday party supplies do exist, but you may have to do some extra leg work to find it. Try the internet for all your party supply needs. Look for 65th birthday plates and 65th birthday napkins in festive colors.

Hold a party filled with games that adults and older children can enjoy, or a dinner party for just adults with games afterward. Either way, the games will make the party more memorable. Divine Dinner Party describes an effective icebreaker for parties. Give each guest a necklace or lei as they arrive, and tell them they must collect as many as possible from the other guests. To take a necklace from another person, they must trick that person into saying the word “no.” For instance, they can walk up to a new person and say, “You’re Tom’s friend from the Philippines, right?” when the answer is clearly “no.”

You can also turn the birthday party into a mystery night with a game that lasts until near the end. This inspires conversation amongst new acquaintances. If you prefer, make it a themed party and give everyone a role to play, secretly telling one person she’s the culprit. Or, skip the roles and keep the mystery. Tell a story about the “crime” to everyone after most people have arrived, with subtle clues that hint at that did it and how. You can buy a packaged game, visit Who Dun It Mysteries for free ones, or create your own mystery story.

Moreover, it will be more fun when you challenge people to build their own house of cards within a certain time limit. Clear space on the tables so a few players or teams can work, and see whose house is still standing when the time’s up. Have someone else judge the finished products.

You should make the party as fun as possible so that it will be a memorable party for everyone including the guests.

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