16 birthday party ideas

By | July 5, 2012

16th birthday is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life. There are many 16th birthday party ideas which you can use for this kind of party. You may organize a Goth theme party, twilight theme party, salon party, dance party, and also the slumber party. The ideas are unlimited since it all depends on your creativity.

A person’s sixteenth birthday party is the most memorable time of their lives. This is because at sixteen you are in the prime of your life and you know that your teen years will not come back. As a teenager you are super charged with energy and want everything to happen at once. Most teens have to face quite a lot of peer pressure and want to excel at everything as compared to their classmates in school. This is the main reason why a teenager would want their sixteenth birthday party to be different from everybody else’s.

The best strategy to plan your sixteenth birthday would be to no go all out and make it an extravagant affair as that is not what a teen party is all about. Rather keep in mind your likes and dislikes when you are planning your birthday after all it is a special time for you because you are going into adulthood. It’s all about enjoying yourself with a bunch of your close friends. A great theme for a sixteenth birthday party would a Goth theme.

If you are into the color black and want to dress up like a true Goth then you could have a Goth theme at your birthday. Try wearing bold black eye liner and ask your guests to do the same. Go with black balloons and similar party decorations like black lanterns to decorate your party. However, remember to go over your invitation list and keep the Goth theme according to it. You do not want your friends to be uncomfortable due to the excessive Goth element at your party as most people do get uncomfortable in such situations.

To have a sixteenth birthday such that you and your friends will be the talk of the town try out something that is quite popular in urban culture these days. A great example is the Twilight Saga. Who isn’t into vampires and werewolves nowadays? Try going for a Twilight theme where your guests can dress up as their favorite Twilight character.

As for girls, a salon party would be just as great if you can afford it. Pamper the young guests with massages and pedicures and let them be the beauty queens for the day! You can take them to a nearby spa, or can even call a professional over to your place. If your daughter is a mall freak, take her out on a shopping spree on her birthday. You can treat the guests with pizzas, ice cream sundaes, sub sandwiches, sodas, and such other teenage food at the mall food counter.

Dance parties would do great if it’s a co-ed party. Select some of your daughter’s favorite numbers and decorate the place with disco lights and mirror balls. You can even take the guests to a nearby nightclub, or hire a DJ to your place. Beach parties are always fun in summer. Beach games and good beach music to dance to would make the party something you’re 16 year old would love.

These are all ideas for a large scale birthday party. However, not all of us prefer a big birthday with loads of guests. For some of us, a party is at its best when we have a few close friends and a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, having a small birthday party with only our closest friends can be ideal for some of us. An excellent idea for a small scale sixteenth birthday party is to invite your closest friends and have a slumber party. This is best for girls as they would have a chance to have late night talks and to do all the girly stuff they like, but it can also work for boys who can play PlayStation games through the night. Watching movies is quite a good idea for a slumber party and why not have a marathon of your favorite movies on your sixteenth birthday?

Do all the things that you like and make your sixteenth birthday a memorable one. Your sixteenth birthday will only come once in your lifetime so make the most of it!

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