Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas

By | July 12, 2012

Sleepover birthday party ideas are very popular nowadays especially among girls. You may organize this type of party with a variety of themes such as spa night and dance party. Moreover, you may also need to consider the party menu, games and activities as well as the decoration of the party.

If you are a parent or caregiver of children, you know that sleepovers are a very popular choice for children of all ages. There may be a sleepover birthday or a sleepover after the normal birthday party.

Girls of all ages enjoy being pampered. Turn the sleepover into a miniature spa getaway. Set up different stations around the house so no one has to wait for a treatment. A snack station should have dainty snacks such as sparkling water, lemonade, crudités, a fruit tray, little sandwiches and a selection of chocolates. The manicure station should have a variety of lotions, nail polish colors, nail jewels and nail glitter so girls can personalize their manicure. For the pedicure station, supply small tubs and bath fizzes for foot baths, a variety of scented lotions, nail polish colors and accessories. An experienced adult should operate each station so the girls are able to relax completely on their spa night.

Children of all ages love to dance. They become shy only when they are in the presence of the opposite sex. This makes an all-girl sleepover the perfect time for the girls to practice their moves. Have the girls submit their favorite songs and then make a playlist for an MP3 player or create a mix CD to set the musical mood. Be sure to include fast and slow songs so the girls have time to take a break. Decorate the dance room with balloons on the floor for the girls to wade through and be sure to dim the lights. Black lights and glow sticks can add to a club atmosphere. Any type of food that can be eaten easily is appropriate for a dance party. Possible items could include cupcakes, chips and dip, crudités, fruit and dip, pizza and cookies. Since this is an active sleepover, be sure the girls also have plenty of water to drink in addition to soda or juice.

If the sleepover party starts earlier than 7 in the evening, you will have to provide dinner for your guests. Get them involved in the food-making process by letting them make their own pizza muffins. Give them the raw ingredients. Pass around English muffins, pizza toppings like pepperoni, onions, pepper, cheese shavings and spaghetti sauce. Let the kids decorate their muffins themselves, pizza-style. Then help them put all their muffins on a tray to bake at 350 degrees until the cheese melts on the muffins. Serve the pizza muffins on colorful paper plates. For beverage, let the boys make their own cola float. Keep a few bottles of cola ready along with a few tubs of plain vanilla ice cream. Pass around large cups with cola and let the kids help themselves to ice cream and enjoy their floats. Even after dinner, keep munchies like nuts, raisins, cheeses, fresh fruits and popcorn ready for the kids whenever they feel like nibbling on something.

After dinner, plan for screening of a movie. Make sure it is suitable for the age group. Action films like those from the Jurassic Park or King Kong series usually work without fail. During the movie and also after it ends, serve them some popcorn before you bring out the stash of games. You could make them play scavenger or treasure hunt or dumb charades or Pictionary. Make sure you have interesting concepts as penalties and fun things to look forward to for prizes.

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