2nd Birthday Party Ideas

By | July 22, 2012

There are many different 2nd birthday party ideas which you may use for your toddler birthday. Some aspects that you may need to consider for this type of party include the venue of the party, theme of the party, party food and drinks, as well as the party games and activities.

Most 2-year-olds are old enough to talk and run around the house, but may not be mature enough to handle large groups of people. For your child’s second birthday, invite close friends and a small group of children to celebrate the occasion, recommends PBS Parents. Although he may not remember his second birthday when he’s older, you can still create a fun event for your child’s big day.

When planning for the birthday party, you will need to designate an area or two in your home where party guests will spend their time. Before anyone gets to your party, make sure that these areas have been baby-proofed. Two-year-old children are old enough to walk around but not yet old enough to know not to open doors or pull out electrical cords. Ensure that there aren’t any sharp corners where your birthday girl or a young guest could fall and hurt themselves. Consider having the bulk of the party outdoors in a fenced backyard if the weather is warm. This way, if a guest drops his cake, it will be easy to clean out of the grass rather than out of your indoor carpeting.

Consider your child’s likes and dislikes when deciding on a theme for their second birthday party. If your child likes a certain television show, such as “SpongeBob Square pants,” purchase wall decorations for this theme and place them around the party. Party decoration stores carry a wide range of themed decorations. They often have theme plates, napkins and cups as well, which is perfect for serving birthday cake and party punch. If your child doesn’t have a favorite show or character, pick party decorations that match their favorite color or more general interests. There are decorations with sports themes or those that have butterflies and fairies.

Food will need to look colorful and inviting in small portions. Animal-shaped sandwiches, bite-size pieces of cucumber, cheese and tomato, mini party pizzas, jellies in little pots (you can buy ready-made) and iced party biscuits are always popular. You will need enough high chairs or small, child-sized tables and chairs — or how about a picnic, perhaps a teddy bear picnic, on the grass or floor. Choose a bold, instantly recognizable cake, possibly of your child’s favorite characters or shaped like one of his favorite toys, such as a train or teddy. You can often hire cake tins in the shape of numbers or toys from a local cake shop or toy library. Food is bound to be spilled, so spill-proof cups and party food boxes are an excellent idea.

Two-year-old children don’t have the attention span for following organized activities and rules. Instead, choose activities for the birthday party that doesn’t need a lot of supervision. During a summer birthday party, have a water activity party. Tell the parents of your guests to bring a bathing suit for their child. In the backyard, set up sprinklers and kiddy pools so guests can run around and get wet. Avoid water balloons as the small bits of rubber are unsafe if swallowed. For indoor parties, play simple games with your child and her guests. You could play a game of Simon Says where each guests follows your moves. Sing songs with your 2-year-olds that involve body movements such as the Hokey Pokey. When not playing games, set out some toys and blocks so the children can play together while you get food ready or clean up after cake. Enlist the help of your guests’ parents to keep everyone in line and help with party preparation.

If you have prize games, like Pass the Parcel, then you may want to ensure every child receives something to avoid tears — at this age, they don’t understand rules too well! A Lucky Dip can work just as well without the competition.

They’ll love to make a noise, so blowers and horns will create great excitement. Outdoors, a bouncy castle may work well, but will need a large garden space and plenty of supervision. In warm weather, a paddling pool or ride-on and push-along garden toys will create all the fun that’s needed, but, again, spot-on supervision is needed (and plenty of shade from the sun).

Music is a fun distraction and you could organize some live or recorded music for dancing. Do you have a friend who can strum a few chords on a guitar? Hand out the instruments, shakers, drums and clackers to kids and parents and you have a band on your hands!

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