My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas

By | August 3, 2012

My little pony birthday party ideas are suitable for little girls who love pony. When organizing this type of party, there are considerations which you will need to consider which include the invitation of the party, decoration of the party, party food, as well as the games for the party.

My Little Pony is a brand toy introduced in 1981 and its targeted market is, primarily, the girls. A unique name and color scheme are given to each and every toy pony. In the story, the ponies live in the Pony Ville and they always have fun with their pony friends. This character toy has attracted many girls and therefore, it is particularly suitable for a birthday party theme. The girls will certainly enjoy it very much.

When organizing this type of party, it is important to have some ideas of the things that need to be done so as to ensure the party is a success. Invitation is one of the crucial parts of organizing the party. You will need to determine the guests to be invited as well as making the invitation cards for the guests. When preparing for the invitation cards, you may choose to purchase or custom made them. Most importantly, you need to ensure that the invitation card conveys the theme of the party.

Another important aspect of the party is the decoration. Decoration can be very simple. For this theme, perhaps you can use the characters as your decoration. Stickers as well as the decorative banners can be purchased from the local stores. You can also make use of the different colors of the ponies as your decoration theme colors. Colored ribbons and balloons can be hanging all over the party place so as to boast the atmosphere. Moreover, you can choose tableware and all other decorative supplies with my little pony characters on them.

In the story of my little pony, rainbow always appears in the place where they live which is the Pony Ville. You can definitely make use of this when it comes to making the birthday cake for the party. You can create a rainbow cake and perhaps use the little pony cake toppers to make the cake more lively. All the other party food can be related to the characters in the story. For example, you can make cookies in the shape of ponies or even horses.

Games should not be absent in any kind of birthday party and children will certainly enjoy a party with lots of games. Apparently, the game called pin the tail on the pony is absolutely a must-have game for this kind of birthday party. You can also make manes and tails out of yarn in the character’s colors and then play a game with the guests and children to see who can hang the correct mane and tail on the ponies in the shortest time. Of course, you will need to prepare some present or favors for the winners or else the game will seem very dull and not entertaining at all.

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