Super Mario Bros Birthday Party Ideas

By | August 11, 2012

Super Mario Bros birthday party ideas are certainly good for those kids who are fans of this cool and renowned video game character. Organizing a Mario theme party will involve a few considerations which include the decoration, food, games as well as the party favors. You will need to plan for these so that the event can be done smoothly.

Super Mario had been a famous game character since the last decade and it had been a childhood companion for most of the people. It is indeed an enjoyable game and some kids or even adults nowadays still enjoy it very much. Therefore, it will be very exciting if this famous character is used as a birthday party theme. Kids or even adults who love Mario will definitely be in cloud nine.

Decoration is important part for a party and for a Mario party one of the most obvious decoration methods will be to decorate the party place to look like the Mario world. Let your imagination go wild and throw yourself into the world of Mario adventures! You can decorate the walls of the party place with mushrooms paper cutouts as well as using a combination of a color scheme that match the color theme of the game. Bricks decorative can also be used so as to make the overall decoration more realistic.

As for the party food, you can serve food related to the theme such as mushrooms. Pizza is a great choice for food as well. You can make it the main dish too since it is rather popular among kids and adults. Besides that, you can also make some cupcakes, perhaps in the shape of a mushroom, for the dessert table.

Games is the perhaps the most important aspect for a Super Mario theme party. Many kids may want to play Super Mario video game as an entertainment during the party but a problem may arise since the number of players for the game is a limitation. Thus, before you making any decision regarding this, you will first need to consider about this. Another type of game that you can employ is the Pin the Mustache on the Mario. It is an imitation of the game – Pin the tail on the donkey, but a modified version of it so as to suit the theme of the party. You can always make use of your own creativity when it comes to organizing games for the party.

Party favors should not be left out in the planning of the party. It is consider important since it is a way of showing gratitude to the guests for coming to the party. It can be very simple and it is not meant to be complicated. You can perhaps fill a favor bag with some Mario candies or even Mario stickers and distribute them to the kids. The kids as well as the adults will certainly find it to be fun and interesting.

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