10th Birthday Party Ideas

By | October 8, 2012

There are many different 10th birthday party ideas which can be implemented for your child’s next birthday. Turning 10 is indeed a milestone in a child’s life. You may need to consider about the theme of the party, menu, games and activities and decoration when planning and organizing the party.

Throwing a birthday party for a 10-year-old can be a challenge. This can be an age where children want to be recognized as “big kids,” so be sensitive about their tween status when choosing games and ideas. Host the party at home or give your group plenty of room to play in a backyard.

Kids that are interested in fossils will enjoy a fossil dig. Place a plastic wading pool in your backyard and fill it with clean sand. Make some fossils from plaster using a fossil making kit. After the fossils have dried, paint them a sand colour to make them more difficult to locate. Bury the fossils in the sand, and provide your guests with paintbrushes and shovels to “excavate.” Hide a special fossil for the guest of honour. Let guests take the fossils home as a prize.

After all the children wash their hands, show them how to prepare a giant banana split. Let everyone participate in building this huge treat. Start with a 10-foot section of clean, plastic gutter pipe. Place peeled bananas in the gutter pipe and scoops of ice cream on top. Add toppings like strawberry, pineapple and chocolate syrup. Save the whipped cream and cherries as the finishing touch for this treat.

Affordable, communal and portable, pizza is a natural party food—especially for children. Throwing them a pizza party is a way to involve party goers in group activities while encouraging creativity, not to mention answering the question of what to feed them. Set up stations throughout the kitchen with ingredients you have prepared in advance, like pepperoni, chopped green peppers and bowls of different shredded cheeses. Let the kids stretch their own dough and prepare their own masterpieces—be prepared to lend a hand, though. Give them lots of options, like diced and cooked chicken with barbecue sauce for a barbecue chicken pizza. Heat a pizza stone in the oven so that you can bake pizzas in quick succession—preheated pizza stones can cook a pizza in a matter of minutes.

Encourage some healthy competition in your child and his party guests with a light-hearted birthday tournament. Set up simple games around the house and yard that party goers will be able to play for short periods. For example, start a game of “Horse” at the basketball hoop or a scavenger hunt—just be sure to define clear boundaries, so that no children wander too far. Present winners with prizes, and all other players with favours for participating, so that nobody leaves the party with hurt feelings. Remember also not to let the birthday boy feel overshadowed—after all, it is his special day.

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