30th Birthday Party Ideas

By | October 17, 2012

30th birthday is a milestone and a very significant point in a person’s life. There are many different ideas that can be implemented for this kind of birthday party. Some examples are the roaring twenties party, thirty and flirty party, as well as the decade party.

When planning and throwing a 30th birthday party, it’s important to do a lot of planning and ensure that everyone has a good time. No matter what the theme of your party is party hosts need to make sure that a date is set, a venue has been reserved and invitations are sent out on time. Turning 30 is a milestone and there are many themes that can help create a lasting memory.

A roaring twenties party can help usher an individual into his or her 30s by focusing on the decade that represents glitz, glamour and excitement. Party guests can dress in flapper dresses and gangster suits, and the guest of honour can be ushered into the party in a 1920s Ford truck. Party guests can dance to 1920s jazz music, while silent movies can be projected in the background.

Throw a 30th birthday party that represents the decade in which a person was born. For example, someone who was born in the 1980s could have a party that focuses on various 1980s fads, including slap bracelets, leg warmers, mullets, acid washed jeans, high tops, shoulder pads and big hair. The group can watch John Hughes’ movies, such as ”Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” ”Sixteen Candles” and ”The Breakfast Club.” The party can play 1980s trivia games and listen to Madonna, Springsteen, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel and Run D.M.C.

A thirty and flirty party can be a lot of fun for a guest of honour who is single. Thirty and flirty invitations and t-shirts are available for purchase at various party planning stores. The party can rent a vehicle and go from venue to venue and celebrate at different locations. This is an opportunity for the guest of honour and partygoers to meet and mingle with various people throughout an evening and experience a variety of foods, beverages and fun.

For a guy’s birthday party, you can create tasty treats that scream 30th birthday celebration. Bake a birthday cake in a large rectangular baking dish. Use these cutters to cut the finished cake into threes and zeros. Frost each set of digits and set them out on a party platter to create pairs of threes and zeros. To aid guests in picking up their party dessert, put each pair on a separate plate so that guests need only to grab the already-filled dishes when cake time comes.

For woman, you can perhaps gather a group of girlfriends and get out of town. Choose a relaxing destination like a spa, or be adventurous and sign-up for a white-water rafting trip. Setting up a trip for your 30th birthday will be a way to commemorate this milestone. Other ideas for girls-only getaways include: parachuting, camping and yoga retreats. Simply staying in a hotel and taking advantage of the pool, hot tub, in-house bar and time to talk is another choice.

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