80th Birthday Party Ideas

By | November 8, 2012

80th birthday is perhaps a great significance in a person’s life. In order to celebrate this big day, there are various ideas available and it will certainly be a memorable day for everyone.

Turning 80 years old is an accomplishment that deserves to be recognized and celebrated in in an extra special way. Plan a big birthday party for the person who is reaching this major life milestone. The party should be respectful and honour the person’s long life, with children, grandchildren, and friends participating if possible.

To make the party nostalgic, ask guests on the invitation to dress up in costumes that reflect the era that the person grew up in or the decade when she was born. For instance, if she was born in the 1930s, you could have a 1930s Hollywood theme, and guests could wear shimmery dresses and tuxedos that were popular during that time period. Or if she was in high school in the 1940s, you could turn the party into a 1940s-themed prom night, asking guests to come in 1940s prom styles. Include examples of outfits and tell guests that if they can’t find anything from the era specified, they are welcome to wear any formal wear that they have.

You can decorate this party with memorabilia from the decade in which the person was born or while he was a teenager growing up. You can visit antique shops, thrift stores and vintage clothing stores to get memorabilia suitable to the decade. You may decide to depict vintage mementos from the Great Depression era; WWII for the history buffs or even display vintage album covers and play old songs by Chuck Barrie and Elvis Presley from the ’50s era. Consider having everyone dress in period costumes for this special occasion. Choose balloons, table linens and banners that fit the theme.

In addition, decorate the tables with tablecloths in the 80-year-old’s favourite colour. The centrepieces could be a large framed photo of the person in a particular stage of her life. Each table should have a different photograph, surrounded by candles and flowers. Have the frames engraved to say “80 Years of Love,” or “80 Years Young.”

You can also create a slide show that shows pictures of the person’s life from when she was a child to the present. Include pictures of important milestones such as marriage and the birth of children and grandchildren. If you have any video clips of her, incorporate those into the video as well. At the end of the slide show you could have video clips of friends and family wishing her a happy 80th birthday and saying what she has meant to them.

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