60th Birthday Ideas

By | November 16, 2012

60th birthday is perhaps an important milestone in a person’s life and some of the best birthday ideas should be implemented to celebrate this occasion. Various fun and unique ideas can be employed to create a memorable moment for everyone in the party.

A 60th birthday is a milestone that needs celebrating. While considering 60th-birthday ideas, consider the health and stamina of the person with the birthday. Also take into consideration the personality of the celebrant as well as likes and dislikes. Don’t throw a large party for a person who prefers small family affairs. The best 60th-birthday ideas are both personal and heartfelt.

Some people don’t like big fancy affairs. For a person who appreciates family, plan a small celebration for family and a few close friends. Make it informal by having everyone bring a main dish and a side dish while you provide a decorated 60th-birthday cake and ice cream, both in flavours preferred by the birthday celebrant. If the gathering is small, take everyone out to a restaurant you decorate ahead of time with 60th-birthday balloons, centrepieces of candles and greenery with 60 and Happy Birthday confetti sprinkled throughout the greenery, napkins and party favours. If the birthday person likes dressing up, make the dinner formal with everyone arriving in her very best.

Some of the best 60th or any birthday ideas come from the hearts of children. Have the grandchildren, other family children or children close to the 60-year-old draw a picture or write a poem to him. Supply crayons, construction paper, markers, glue, glitter, regular paper and pens and whatever else needed for the children to create something special. If they have a picture of themselves with the birthday celebrant, copy it and let the children frame the picture with crayons or other craft ideas.

If you have a special picture you wish to present as a 60th-birthday gift, find a frame with a wide mat. Personalize the mat by having family and friends sign the mat and add birthday greetings. Decorate the mat to fit the occasion with balloons and cakes and the number 60 or decorate the mat to fit a season or the setting of the picture. Find a special picture from the past, copy it and have it framed for the occasion.

A casino party simulates the fast-paced and high-stakes action of a real casino. Distribute play money or chips to guests at the beginning of the party to use for games like blackjack, poker and roulette. Offer prizes to guests with the most money at the end of the party that include the birthday man. Such prizes could include a date for lunch or a sporting event with the birthday father. Hiring professional dealers can also make the casino party more official and less burdensome to the guests.

You can also surprise the birthday individual with a trip to a place he never had the time or finances to visit. Consult those closest to the individual to be sure this is what he would like to do, is physically capable of doing and wants to do it at this time of life. Make the trip for at least two. If there are physical limitations, foresee problems of accessibility and assistance. You can also plan the trip as a vacation for the whole family. The key to a trip is to grant the lifetime wishes of the person with the 60th birthday.

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