Have Kids Birthday Parties

By | July 14, 2011

Have Kids Birthday PartiesMake an arrangement with the salon owner to provide birthday cake and other treaties. Younger children enjoy creative face painting in place of makeup. The girls who attend the party can get their hair fixed, their nails painted, and their faces made up. Give your kid a makeover – There are some special beauty salons that offer party packages or you can approach a local salon and ask for a special rate.

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Why not create a scavenger hunt for the children to go on at the zoo? Most zoos offer party packages but you can plan one on your own easily. Zoos are wonderful kids’ birthday party places. Visit the zoo – Although zoo is a very common attraction, it’s not a no-no to throw a birthday party there.

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The fee usually includes a space for eating cake and ice cream and opening presents. Many of the large theatre complexes will allow you to rent an entire theatre for a large fee.  Take in a movie – Check with your local movie theatres to see if any of them offer kid’s birthday party packages.



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