15th Birthday Party Ideas

By | December 10, 2012

There are various 15th birthday party ideas that are fun and exciting for a teen’s birthday. Some examples include the backyard dance party, slumber party, spa party as well as the beach party. Of course, you can also come out with your own unique ideas in organizing the party.

Birthday parties are not only for children, but for teenagers as well. Turning 15 is a big deal so why not celebrate by throwing a party? Most teenagers will choose ideas that are cool, yet enjoyable for a birthday party. They may have outgrown Star Trek, Cinderella and Mickey Mouse.

Backyard dance party is perhaps a great one. Take the iPod outside and dance the night away. Decorate the backyard with balloons, candles and strings of outdoor lights. Brush away debris and move lawn furniture off to the side to provide a makeshift dance floor. If the party is going to be held around a pool, perhaps have a luau and offer non-alcoholic margaritas.

Celebrate a 15th birthday with a pool party or a party at a water park. Guests can enjoy the water however they’d like, from playing games to sliding to simply wading. Add traditional party extras such as streamers, balloons, beverages and cake, but they don’t have to be extravagant because the water is the main draw. Don’t forget a lifeguard to supervise the safe fun.

You can also throw a slumber party. A sleepover is still a big deal because 15-year-olds aren’t fully independent of their parents, and this party won’t break the bank. The fun comes from such activities as makeovers and silly dancing and from late-night bonding.

If the birthday is somewhere around the Halloween day, you can arrange a Halloween party. Ask the guests to come in Halloween costumes or Halloween masks, whichever is convenient for them. Arrange for some decorations that will give an eerie effect, similar to that in a haunted house. You can go a step further by adding scary Halloween treats to the menu, to surprise your little guests! This party can be arranged inside the house or even in the outdoors.

Spa party is an exclusive birthday party idea for girls. Girls love to care for their skin and moreover, they also like to get pampered. So, you can book a spa for a day for your daughter and her friends. Arrange for manicures, pedicures and massage sessions. This birthday party theme is the best you can offer to your little queen.

A beach party can be fun and your 15-year-old and his/her friends are sure to love this outdoor party idea. If you have a beach in your city, you need not plan much beforehand. You can choose a beach theme to design the invites. For the food, you can set up a barbeque or order sandwiches and hot dogs. A game of beach volleyball is all that’s required to make this party a success. The kids can also dance to some peppy music and chat around a bonfire after the party.

For the 15-year-old girl who is a movie buff, consider throwing a mini film festival. Plan a list of movies that the birthday girl adores and plan the food around them. For example, if your 15-year-old likes movies about the Victorian era, bring in fancy cakes and finger foods.

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