13th Birthday Party Ideas

By | December 17, 2012

13th birthday is an important milestone and it’s worth the celebration. Various ideas can be employed for this type of party. Usually, a theme will be used for this party and some examples include the adventurous theme, mystery theme, co-ed party, as well as the Hollywood theme.

13th Birthday Party Ideas

Turning 13 is an exciting time for kids–even though they may still feel like children, they are beginning a new phase in their life as teenagers. A 13th-birthday party should include fun, but at a more sophisticated level. Kids this age enjoy being treated as young adults and so the party games and themes should fit this style.

13th Birthday Party Themes

Use a theme to plan your child’s 13th birthday party if it seems appropriate. For example, a co-ed party might include a candy, glow-in-the-dark, black-and-white or Hollywood theme with music and dancing. A murder mystery where each guest is asked to play the part of a particular character is another option that allows the kids to relax and solve a mystery. Set up a mock casino or carnival with adults or older teens running the booths and games.

Girls 13th Birthday Party Ideas

If the kids invited to the party are the adventurous type, a rock climbing party or river rafting party is sure to be a hit. For some kids, this may be the first time trying an activity like this; it is important to have adult supervision at all times. Tell guests to bring their own backpacks and have snacks and water bottles available for each kid to pack. After the planned activity, pick a spot outdoors to have the birthday cake.

13 Birthday Party Ideas

Plan a day at an amusement park for the birthday celebration. Most amusement parks have pavilions available for parties and get together. Call the park you choose ahead of time to find out of there is a fee for utilizing a pavilion. Most 13-year-olds will love having the freedom to wander through the park with friends. Set a time for all kids to return to the pavilion for food, presents and birthday cake, and then let them go back to having fun in the park.

13th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Sleepovers are common for preteens and teens, which make a sleepover party an ideal option. Arrange a video game marathon with multiplayer sport, racing, dance or music games if the teen and her friends enjoy video games. Plan a camp-out in your backyard, the woods, at a lake or at her favourite campground for a night or two if she enjoys the outdoors. Plan a hotel sleepover with a makeup artist or spa treatments for your child and her friends if she would enjoy being pampered like an adult for a few hours. Set up a mock reality show modelled after your child’s favourite if she’s adventurous. Challenges might include navigating obstacle courses, solving clues or eating strange food and guessing what strange or slimy objects really are.

13th Birthday Party Supplies

Some activities might be more ideal than a traditional party. For example, take a group of girls to the mall for a scavenger hunt. Give the girls a list of random items to find and pictures to take, such as a button or a picture with a security guard. Arrange to meet in the food court for lunch and tally up the teams’ points. Charter a boat for a co-ed dance party, casino party or fishing excursion. Hire a professional river rafting or rock climbing instructor to take the teens out. Art, pottery, cooking and music classes are additional options.

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