Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

By | January 8, 2013

Great fairy birthday party ideas can create a cool fantasy atmosphere for your kid’s birthday party. Decoration is an important aspect to consider when planning for this kind of party. Food and games should not be forgotten as well as they are the most sought-after part by the kids.

Fairy Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

A fairy tale birthday party is an opportunity to indulge your child’s interest in stories of fairies, princesses, knights and fantastic creatures. As you plan a party, consider ways to turn an ordinary room into a magical setting that will delight your child and her guests.

Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

Bring fantasy to life in your own home by creating a fairy princess realm. Decorate with faux flowers and trees, which you can purchase at a craft store. String lights on the trees so they look magical when lit up. Party guests will enter the fairy realm through the trees and inside is a place just for them. Have a table set up with unique food and refreshments, such as moon cakes. The moon cakes are simply rice crispy treats cut in the shape of a full moon or half-moon. Add colored frosting and sprinkles to them for that magical touch.

Fairies Birthday Party Ideas

Decoration needs to suit the overall atmosphere that you would like to create. You can hang strings of twinkling lights from the ceiling of your party room. Throw royal-blue or purple sheets over couches and chairs. Buy helium-filled balloons with fairytale motifs or in the shape of stars. Place fairy-tale character stuffed animals here and there. Set up two or three dramatic play areas that depict fairy tale-inspired scenes. Buy inexpensive foam swords, and let kids swing them, under supervision, in an open area.

Fairy Birthday Party Decorations

Find out the dress sizes of the girls who are attending the birthday party. If it is within your budget, purchase princess costumes from a costume store. Oftentimes, you can get these costumes at a significant discount after Halloween. If you are not able to get costumes, tell your guests to come dressed like a princess. Provide other princess accessories such as wands, crowns or tiaras, and sashes.

Fairy Birthday Party Supplies

You can serve foods inspired by elements of popular fairy tales. Taquitos are long thin corn tortillas filled with beans found in the freezer section of your grocery store. Call them “Beanstalks,” and serve them to young guests. Since Goldilocks got in trouble for eating out of the Three Bear’s bowls, make tomato soup, and serve it as “Three Bears Soup.” Present partygoers with a vegetable tray labeled “Mr. McGregor’s Garden” because of the unfortunate experiences Peter Rabbit had there.

Fairy Birthday Party

Turn regular party games into fairy princess games. Have Cinderella’s slipper hidden in the house and send the children on a scavenger hunt to find the slipper. The first child to find the slipper wins a prize. Provide marshmallows and allow the children to build a castle using the marshmallows and toothpicks. Fill a piñata with princess items such as small tiaras, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and packs of glitter and fairy dust.

Fairy Tale Birthday Party Ideas

Fairy Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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