12th Birthday Party Ideas

By | January 22, 2013

Twelve years old is perhaps an important milestone in a person’s life since it is a significant stage where an individual steps into the adolescence stage. Some creative ideas for them include the sleepover party, backyard party, cooking lesson party, as well as the BBQ party.

12th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

A girl’s or boy’s 12th birthday party should be a social event for them and their friends to get together to do things they enjoy. Party games, movies, junk food and sleepovers are a fun part of having a birthday party when you are a kid. There are lots of activities to choose from when planning your child’s 12th birthday party.

You can organize a sleepover for your daughter’s 12th birthday party. Have your daughter invite her friends over to celebrate her birthday. Cook the children dinner and then let them watch movies and stay up late playing birthday games.

12th Birthday Party Ideas Girls

If the weather outside is dry and warm, you can organize a backyard barbecue party to celebrate your daughter’s 12th birthday. She can invite her friends over, and play outside birthday games, have a water fight or go swimming. You can cook up some hamburgers, hot dogs or sausages for the kids while they are playing.

12th Birthday Party Ideas

Buy a piñata for your daughter’s birthday and paint “Happy 12th Birthday!” on the side of it. Pull the piñata up over the branch of a tree. Have your daughter blindfolded, and give her a baseball bat to hit the piñata with. Ask her friends to take turns tugging on the rope of the piñata as she tries to break it open with the bat. Make sure the children share the treats that fall out of the piñata so that everyone gets some candy.

Girl 12th Birthday Party Ideas

You can set up an area in your backyard, living room or basement for the girls to play party games before the big birthday dinner. You can set up the stereo to play some dance music for freeze dance or musical chairs. The children playing freeze dance have to freeze in their positions whenever the music stops. Children playing musical chairs all have to get back to their seats when the music stops, and each time there is one less seat and one less girl who can find a seat when the music stops.

Girls 12th Birthday Party Ideas

If it’s for girls, perhaps you can organize a cooking lesson party. Some 12-year-old girls enjoy getting in the kitchen and preparing foods. When the birthday girl likes learning new cooking techniques, turn her party into a cooking lesson. Hire a local chef for the party, or simply do the lesson yourself. Plan a menu that the girls will enjoy, possibly featuring some of the birthday girl’s favorite dishes, and give all the girls a job. Although 12-year-olds should be able to handle most of the kitchen tools, caution them to be careful when using sharp knives.

12th Birthday Party Themes For Girls

When you’re planning a birthday party for a girl who’s turning 12, be sure to select activities that the birthday girl and her guests will enjoy. Choosing party ideas for tweens can be difficult because you don’t want the party to be too childish or too adult. Twelve-year-olds are old enough to help plan the party, so get some input from the birthday girl.

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