Birthday Party Ideas For Teenagers

By | February 2, 2013

Birthday party ideas for teenagers should be exuberant and interesting as well as memorable. There are various party ideas that you can employ for that purpose such as the sweet 16 theme, spa party, pool party, as well as the costume party.

Best Birthday Party Ideas For Teenagers

As young men and women progress through their teen years, birthday celebrations will abound. Aside from sweet 16 bashes and the celebration of adulthood at 18, the birthdays before and after those notable occasions also deserve special recognition. If your teen is celebrating a birthday soon and you’re looking for ways to celebrate his big day, consider your options in choosing a birthday party theme.

Party Ideas For Teenagers

When considering what type of birthday party to throw for a teen, communicate with her about her likes and dislikes. This will give you a better idea of what kind of party to have. For example, while a surprise birthday party may seem like a good idea to you, it may not seem like a good idea to a teen that is shy and would be embarrassed by this sort of party.

Birthday Party Ideas For Teenagers

Sweet 16 parties and bashes celebrating 18th birthdays are generally big celebrations. These birthdays should be celebrated with as many of the teen’s friends as possible and should have a theme to enhance the celebration. Hollywood red carpet-themed parties, car-themed parties for 16th birthdays and Vegas night-themed parties are popular ideas for these celebrations. You should involve the teen with the party planning to ensure that he enjoys the celebration as well.

Cool Birthday Party Ideas For Teenagers

Throwing a spa day birthday party can also be entertaining for teens. Take your teen and her friends to a day spa and pamper them with manicures, pedicures and massages. Then, take the group to the teen’s favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner. Bring her favorite flavored cake along to let her blow out the candles. For teen guys, throwing a party at an arcade is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Most arcades, such as Dave and Buster’s and Malibu Grand Prix, have birthday packages that include tokens to play games, lunch, a birthday cake and accessories such as party hats.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Costume parties encourage guests to loosen up and have fun. Even better, costume party themes can be adapted to suit just about any teen’s tastes. Boys may enjoy superhero or sports-themed costume parties, while girls may like dressing up as literary characters or people from past eras. “Seventeen” magazines suggest having party guests dress up as their favorite songs or celebrities. Enhance the glamour of your teen’s costume party by serving mock tails, such as non-alcoholic daiquiris or Virgin Mary’s. Augment these with stylish hors d’oeuvres, such as crab puffs or cheese plates. End the evening with a flamboyant birthday dessert, such as Cherries Jubilee or Baked Alaska.

Teenage Girl Birthday Party Ideas

A fun choice for a spring or summer birthday party, the pool party makes for a great daytime celebration. Prepare for a pool party by covering your patio with lots of sun umbrellas. You can also create welcome shade by erecting a canopy over your outdoor seating area. Keep guests comfortable by having plenty of sunscreen and towels on hand, and keep them entertained by stocking your pool with lots of pool toys. Pool parties easily accommodate casual outdoor dining. Accompany grilled items with cold salads, citrus-marinated fruit salads, and chips. Frozen fruit bars or ices will be a big hit. For a sophisticated touch, serve non-alcoholic sangria made from sparkling water and fresh fruit. Instead of presenting a traditional birthday cake, grill fresh peaches and serve them over creamy vanilla ice cream.

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