70 Birthday Party Ideas

By | February 18, 2013

70th birthday is an important milestone in a person’s life and having a birthday party is definitely a great idea for celebrating the more-than-half-a-century’s journey. Various ideas can be used for achieving the purpose and some excellent examples include the memory lane theme, over-the-hill party theme, as well as the music-themed party.

70 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

A 70th birthday is a monumental one, and the party should celebrate the person’s life and journey. Creativity and innovation can make a party one to remember through decorations, games and activities. Throwing a surprise party for a person turning 70 should have a gentle surprise to not excite or frighten him too much.

70 Birthday Party

Give a 70th birthday party a memory lane theme. Blow up pictures from the different periods in the birthday person’s life, such as his baby pictures, graduation pictures and wedding pictures. Include recent pictures as well. Put the pictures up around the room in chronological order. Compile a play-list of popular songs from every decade of the honoree’s life. Have party guests share their favorite memories of the birthday person. Make a slide show or short movie using old home movie footage, pictures and newspaper clippings to chronicle the birthday person’s achievements such as buying a home, promotions at work, awards received and becoming a father. Take a recent picture of the honoree to a bakery and have them make a photo birthday cake.

70 Birthday Party Ideas

Moreover, you can also throw a 70-themed birthday party by decorating the party space with 70 balloons and 70 streamers. Buy or bake a cake in the shape of a “7” and a “0.” Buy the birthday person small gifts in quantities of 70. Give her 70 lottery tickets, a bouquet of 70 flowers, 70 cans of her favorite soda or 70 bags of her favorite snack. If she likes to golf, give her 70 golf balls, or if she likes to garden, give her 70 seed packets. You can also give the birthday person a $70 gift card to her favorite store. The guests can all pitch in to purchase something in a quantity of 70, or each gives her a gift that incorporates 70 items.

70 Birthday Party Supplies

If the birthday person has a sense of humor, throw him an over-the-hill birthday party. Purchase hats, plates, napkins and cups that say “Over the Hill” on them from a party or novelty store. Decorate with black balloons and streamers. Make the cake look like a grassy hill and put a gravestone topper on it. Give the birthday person gag gifts.

70 S Birthday Party Ideas

Music is always a big theme in many people’s lives. Look for music that was popular when your guest of honor was young, or ask him what his favorite bands are. Using your computer, make a mix CD of some of his favorite songs to play throughout the celebration.

70th Birthday Party Ideas

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