Birthday Party Food Ideas

By | March 22, 2013

Food is one of the most important aspects for any party. Various birthday party food ideas are available but it can also be enhanced using your own creativity and make the dishes more appealing and enjoyable. Some general party food includes the finger food, vegetables, roast beef, cupcake or dessert.

Birthday Party Food Ideas

Birthday parties are an ideal time to show off colorful and fun decorations, right down to the food. A number of tasty and easy birthday party foods can liven up the decor and perhaps even rival the cake. These foods are attractive on their own and can be made even more so if served on decorative doily-lined platters and speared with colorful toothpicks. A few foods make for especially decorative and edible fare.

Birthday Party Foods

Finger foods are a favorite of most kids. Serve fries and chicken nuggets with a choice of dips. Serve onto individual plates or fill large bowls with the food and place in the middle of the table with the dips in smaller bowls with serving spoons. Cut an assortment of melons into small cubes or use a small melon baller. Thread the melon onto wooden skewers along with grapes, strawberries and other small fruits. Serve on a platter or on a melon for something a little different. Cut a honeydew or cantaloupe in half and lay on the platter cut side down. Spear the ends of the kabob skewers into the melon rind to display. All the food could be served on sticks. Place deli meats and cheese cubes on the skewers to serve with the fruit.

Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas

Vegetables are an easy birthday party food that can be jazzed up to be as decorative as they are healthy. Cut raw vegetables make an ideal snack, especially when they are laid out to resemble rows of traffic. Arrange rows of vegetables on a large tray with a small sign on a toothpick stuck in a veggie or taped at the top of each row. Make the middle section the largest, filled with the honoree’s favorite vegetable, and label it Birthday Boulevard. Other “side street” vegetable selections can include Carrot Way, Cucumber Alley and Mushroom Street.

Birthday Food Ideas

Birthday Party Food

Roast beef or ham pinwheels are decorative even without a little toothpick sign, but feel free to come up with a creative name for them. Use four large slices of roast beef, sliced thin, and ½ cup softened cream cheese mixed with 1 tbsp. horseradish or the milder horseradish sauce. Spread the cream cheese mixture on each slice of beef, roll the beef slice and chill for at least two hours. Cut the chilled beef rolls into half-inch slices, each one resembling a little wheel. Make ham wheels using four thin slices of ham and a ½ cup softened cream cheese mixed with 1 tbsp. garlic salt. Chill and cut into half-inch-wide wheels. Place a miniature birthday hat in the center of the serving platter and surround it with the beef and ham wheels.

Kids Birthday Party Food

If you’re having a big party, avoid having to cut and dish out plates of birthday cake by having cupcakes instead. You could even have a cupcake cake, which are rows of cupcakes frosted to look like one big cake. Serving and cleanup will be easy. A plate of cookies or brownie bites, as well as individual ice cream servings will make dessert a snap.

Party Food Ideas

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