Birthday Party Supplies

By | April 4, 2013

Birthday party supplies are perhaps the most essential part for any birthday party. Without the right supplies, you will not be able to hold the party even if you have a bunch of great ideas. Some important supplies include the decoration supplies, food supplies, favor supplies, as well as the games supplies.

1st Birthday Party Supplies

When planning a birthday party for a child, purchase party supplies in a few key categories. To coordinate all aspects of the party, select an overarching theme and choose supplies in each category that fit with the theme. For example, at a princess-themed party, choose supplies with images of castles, princesses and crowns in a color scheme of pink, purple, gold and red.

Birthday Party Supplies For Kids

Basic decoration supplies for a kid’s party include balloons, streamers and confetti. Inflate balloons with helium and tie them to chairs with ribbon, or just use regular air and scatter balloons across the floor. Drape streamers in a couple of colors across the walls and ceilings to quickly transform the room into a party zone. For a themed birthday party, create a backdrop for the party area by painting a large piece of paper with a scene. For example, a forest-themed party could have a backdrop of lush greenery and animals painted into the scene.

Girls Birthday Party Supplies

Keep the kids busy at the party by planning a few activities for them to participate in. For a toddler or preschooler’s birthday party, you might need coloring pages and crayons for a coloring table that kids can play at as they arrive. At a wizard-themed party, gather colored paper, scissors, tape, glitter and markers for kids to create and decorate wizard hats made out of paper. For the classic party game of pin the tail on the donkey, you need a large picture of a donkey, along with tail cutouts and tape.

Birthday Party Supplies

Set the party table with a disposable colored tablecloth and sprinkle confetti over it to make it look more festive. At minimum, you will need a cake and serving utensils, small paper plates, forks, napkins, cups and drinks. You also might want to serve a full meal, in which case you will need more food and larger plates.

Discount Birthday Party Supplies

Send kids home from a birthday party with a bag of simple party favors. Rather than getting pre-made favor bags, put together your own with items that you know the kids will enjoy. Start with a cellophane bag and put the same set of small toys and candies into each bag. If the party has a theme, use that to inspire the party favors. For example, a girl’s beauty-themed party could have favor bags with nail polish, lip gloss and hair accessories.

First Birthday Party Supplies

Collect some essential items to use on the day of the birthday party. Have a digital camera—and camcorder, if you have one—ready so that you can capture the moments from the party. Make sure to pick up the birthday cake, along with candles and a lighter. Bring your food and drinks, and make sure to have plenty of cold water on hand if you’re having an outdoor party in warm weather.

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