Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas

By | April 15, 2013

Organizing a surprise birthday party tends to be quite exuberant and since the element of the ideas can be very exciting and interesting. Some of the great ideas for this kind of party include the surprise paintball party theme and the 80s party theme.

Awesome 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a surprise for someone’s 30th birthday provides for a few interesting opportunities. The surprise can be as simple as reconnecting with an old friend or as elaborate as a decades-themed surprise party. Whatever you decide, have the event reflect the celebrant’s age.

Surprise 30th Birthday Invitations

Because people celebrating a 30th birthday in 2010 were born in 1980, have all the guests dress in ’80s attire. Decorate the party location with movie or concert posters from the ’80s. Play music from the ’80s. Take the theme a step further. Choose a specific element that the celebrant truly enjoyed. For example, if she liked Madonna, throw a ’80s Madonna-themed party. Consider using party invitations that resemble ticket stubs from the ’80s to follow the music-themed birthday party.

30th Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

Moreover, you can also invite someone the birthday celebrant hasn’t seen in years, possibly someone he went to grade school with. This works for birthday parties and intimate get-togethers. Choose someone the celebrant was close to, but lost touch with as he got older. Contact old friends by letter first, providing a phone number to contact you. Because you don’t know where that person is in his life, a direct phone call may not be the best option.

Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas For Him

A surprise paintball party is a great way to have fun and feel youthful while not feeling overly childish. Paintball outings usually entail driving out to a paintball range, renting guns and safety equipment, buying paintballs and playing various missions in a forest or on a field. Missions typically involve two teams either trying to eliminate each of the other team’s players or playing a capture-the-flag-style game. The great thing about paintball is that it is likely to be a new experience for the birthday boy or at least for some of the people involved in the game. It can also be fun to play special rounds, where the birthday boy is on his own or with a couple of close friends, defending a well-fortified position against everyone else in the group. The main drawbacks of paintball are that it can be somewhat expensive and getting hit with the paintballs can cause welts and bruises. The game may be less entertaining for female players, so if your party group has a large female contingent, it might be better to try something else.

Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Any surprise birthday party should involve family and friends. Does your friend share a particularly close relationship with the rest of the family? You can use this occasion to gather everybody together on one platform. Ensure the presence of all important family members and even childhood friends. Imagine the surprise and joy that reflects on the face of the person when he/she returns home to a surprise party that includes some special people. The location plays an important role while planning a surprise birthday party. You must choose a location that is easily accessible for everybody. Besides, a few friends from the group should ensure that the birthday personality is kept away from all the action. This is especially in case of the party being planned at home.

Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband

You can even plan innovative party games to keep the atmosphere lively and entertaining. These games can be planned in such a manner that it brings back fond memories from the past! Play music tracks from an olden era where people can gather and dance. Prepare a list of questions in

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

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