Three Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

By | April 22, 2013

Three year old birthday party ideas are perfect for celebrating your child’s third milestones. Don’t mind the fact that he or she will have no memory on the celebration but this memory that you created will certainly be great when they look at the photographs years later. Some great themes for this kind of party include the winter theme, fairy theme, as well as the beach theme party.

Three Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Children tend to have no memory of their first several birthdays beyond what they see in photographs and videos of the event. That does not mean you should downplay the occasion. A 3-year-old’s birthday party presents a perfect opportunity to expand your child’s development through socializing with guests and party activities that practice cognitive thinking and fine motor skills.

Three Year Old Birthday Party

Escape from winter by throwing a beach birthday bash in the winter. Make beach ball invitations by either making paper beach balls or by writing the party information on a real beach ball. If possible set up an indoor sand table and let the kids play in it throughout the party. For an activity, have the children decorate a t-shirt with puff paints or their handprints or using fabric stamps. Before the party write the words “Beach Party” on the t-shirt. The cake can look like a sand castle, or you could have an ocean-themed cake. Another option is to have children frost and decorate star shaped cookies, and let them know they are starfish. Party favors can be sand buckets and shovels, sunglasses, a sun visor (which kids could also decorate) and beach balls.

3 Year Old Birthday Ideas

Three Year Old Birthday Party Themes

You can also embrace winter with a “Let It Snow” birthday party. Make the invitations look like snowflakes or put a snowman on the front of the invitation. Decorate the party with paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, taped to the window and the walls of the room. The activities can include making a marshmallow snowman with toothpicks and gumdrops as decorations, and pin the carrot on the snowman. The cake can be a snow scene or you can make a snowman by baking round cakes and frosting with white frosting and adding a face and buttons. The goody bags could include a package of hot chocolate mix for each child, snow stickers and mittens.

3 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Fairies are magical creatures that live in the forest. Fake trees and lots of flowers can be used as decorations. The colors green, pink, light purple, and white all work for a fairy theme. Each fairy that attends the party should receive her very own set of fairy wings, and a magical wand. Bubble wands will do if toy wands are not available. Children can hunt for a treasure of chocolate coins in the backyard, or have their faces painted with face paint and glitter. Parents can use pictures of the “Peter Pan” fairy, Tinker Bell, to decorate or can make a Tinker Bell cake for dessert. They can serve cupcakes with a picture of a fairy on top or cut cookies to look like butterflies. Cotton candy is also appropriate for a fairy party.

3 Year Old Birthday Party

A cowgirl party is a great idea for a 3-year-old girl, especially if the party is co-ed. The boys will be able to dress up like cowboys. Yellow, brown and white should be used as the theme’s colors. Each child should receive a cowgirl or cowboy hat upon arrival. The house can be decorated like a Dude Ranch with pictures of horses throughout. You may even want to arrange for pony rides to be given during the party. Children can play “toss the sheriff’s badge into the cowboy boot” or have a game of horseshoes (plastic child’s size). Hamburgers and baked beans are appropriate for a cowgirl party, along with a cake in the shape of a horse. Cookies can also be cut to look like horseshoes.

Ideas For A 3 Year Old Birthday Party

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