35th Birthday Party Ideas

By | May 13, 2013

There are various 35th birthday party ideas which can be employed for making the party livelier and more exciting. Some popular themes include the “remember the times” theme, presidential birthday party theme, as well as the sport theme party. Another important consideration for this kind of party is the party gift. You may need to take that into account as well.

35 Birthday Party Ideas

Thirty-five is not what it used to be. Nowadays, for many people the early 30s are a time of firsts: first marriage, first house, and first child. Furthermore, now that many people live healthy and active lives well into their 80s, approaching 40 hardly means the end of having fun. Nevertheless, it has probably been a while since you went out to the club or bar to party all night with your friends. A 35th birthday is a good excuse to take time out to remind yourself and others that despite your busy life, having fun is still important.

35th Birthday Party

Throw a party with the theme “35 Years Ago” by using the events of that year or decade. For example, if you were born in the 1970s, plan a theme party around what was popular when you were born. For example, make a play list of songs based off the Top 40 hits of that day, and make fake newspapers with news about what happened in history the day you were born and put them up as posters or send them out as invitations. Ask guests to dress up in vintage clothes for the occasion.

35th Birthday Party Ideas

One thing that every 35-year-old natural-born U.S. citizen can do is run for president. Celebrate by throwing a presidential birthday party and make campaign posters featuring the birthday guest of honour. Decorate with red, white and blue, encourage the guests to dress up as former presidents, and serve a buffet of favourite foods of past presidents, such as chicken enchiladas, a favourite of President Clinton. Give the party guests faux campaign buttons or T-shirts as a party favour.

35th Birthday Party Ideas For Her

You may also make sports the theme of a 35th birthday party. Go to a baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer or football game with friends or family. Buy the birthday guest of honour a jersey of the sports team with the number “35” and with the gift recipient’s name on the back. Tailgating before the game (where allowed) can provide a jubilant environment to celebrate with food or cake and ice cream. This option also allows for a large number of people to attend the outing.

35th Birthday Gift Ideas

For a birthday party option that’s as inexpensive as it is fun, have a “35 Things” around-the-town adult scavenger hunt. Get to know your town (or area, if you live in a big city) while you and your friends run around finding 35 things to bring back or photograph. Try to incorporate the “35” theme as much as possible in the list of items, too. Find a receipt for 35 cents, photograph a license plate with “35” in it, find a restaurant that serves a $35 steak dinner, find a 35-year-old bartender and get your picture taken with him (holding his ID), and so on. The theme will provide an extra challenge for both the scavenger hunt planner and the teams.

Moreover, you can have a gourmet picnic in the park. Serve champagne, caviar and pâtés, Caesar salad, prime rib and all the accoutrements for a fancy meal but present it on plastic ware. String twinkle lights in the trees. The invitation is a jewel-studded, red checkerboard fabric place mat, rolled up with the directions inside.

35th Birthday Party Decorations

Perhaps another consideration is the party gift. Coral jewellery makes a lovely gift, whether it is in the form of earrings, bracelets, pins or necklaces, often carved in the shape of beads or flowers. But coral is at its most magnificent when viewed in its natural underwater setting. A 35th birthday gift could be a trip to the Florida Keys to see the United States’ only living coral barrier reef. This reef extends the length of the Keys, a 120-mile offshore wonder, whose marine life is in the care of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The Keys offer shallow reefs for snorkelers and deeper reefs for divers, and scenery that includes coral-encrusted shipwrecks as well as natural coral formations. Plan the birthday holiday of a lifetime exploring the natural phenomena of the Florida Keys.

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