10th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

By | May 30, 2013

There are various 10th birthday party ideas which are excellent and prominent in celebrating a girl’s birthday. Some splendid examples are the pool party, luau party, cheerleading party, as well as the surprise party.

10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate your child reaching his or her first decade by planning a celebration to remember. Children aged 10 are full of excitement and energy so it is important to include stimulating games and activities to keep children entertained. There are plenty of birthday-party themes to choose from to suit all budgets and personalities to celebrate a 10th birthday.

10 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Many 10 year olds have developed the skills necessary to swim independently. Make the most of the warm weather and plan the party to take place at a local outdoor pool. Give the party a Luau theme and decorate the pool area with brightly coloured streamers or flower garlands. Take water guns, water balloons and water volleyball equipment to keep the children entertained. Serve fruit skewers, juices and birthday cake to keep in theme with the celebration.

Birthday Party Ideas For 10 Year Old Boys

10th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls 1

If the birthday girl likes cheerleading and is considering joining the squad when she is in high school, a cheerleading party would be perfect. Send out invitations in the shape of pennants that say “Go Julia!” on the front and have all the party details on the back. Distribute pom-poms to the girls on arrival as early party favours and let them make up some cheers together. If you know an older girl who is a cheerleader, ask her to come teach a real cheer or two at the party. Serve concession-style snacks such as popcorn and hot dogs and make a cake in the shape of a pennant.

Birthday Party Ideas For 10 Year Girls

10th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls 2

Rather than hosting the typical sleepover party for your daughter, pick a theme to tie the party together. For example, if she has a favourite movie such as “High School Musical,” shows the movie at the party and play trivia games related to the film. Another sleepover theme is a karaoke party, where girls can dress up in ridiculous costumes and make their own karaoke music videos. For a girl who loves arts and crafts, set up a craft table where girls can decorate picture frames, make scrapbook pages or create beaded jewellery.

10th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls 3

10th Birthday Party Ideas

A luau party would be a special event if your daughter enjoys the beach and being outdoors. As girls arrive, provide artificial flowers and coloured pieces of straws in a variety of colours for them to string together to make their own leis to wear. Decorate the luau with grass skirts around the food tables and a small inflatable pool full of ice and soft drinks. Serve fruit kabobs and a cake shaped and decorated like a tropical flower. For party activities, play a game of limbo and have a hula-hoop contest.

10th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Nothing flatters a girl more than the realization that her friends cared enough to plan a surprise party for her. If her friends are not taking the initiative, you might broach the topic with a close friend or two, offering to help them plan a surprise party. You can be as involved as necessary in the process, but again, when party time comes, try to stay in the background. This day is about the birthday girl and her friends celebrating their emerging independence.

Girls 10th Birthday Party Ideas

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