14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

By | June 10, 2013

14 year old birthday party ideas are easily available and you can even come out with your own creative ideas for holding the party. Some great examples of this kind of party include the sleepover party, all-white party, Italian-themed party, as well as the gathering party.

14 Years Old Birthday Party Ideas

A 14th birthday is an exciting time for your child. He is beginning to feel like a young adult but still has many of the same tendencies he had as a child. It may seem difficult to figure out what to do for his birthday, especially if you are on a tight budget. Well, not to worry. There are plenty of things you can do to throw your 14-year-old a memorable party while staying within your budget.

14th Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate the 14th birthday with a hotel room party. Reserve a room, suite or adjoining rooms. The accommodations will vary according to how many of the birthday girl’s friends attend and the hotel’s room occupancy requirements. Decorate the hotel room with balloons and streamers. Take advantage of hotel amenities to entertain the party guests. Available activities may include swimming, spa treatments, and a celebratory dinner in the hotel restaurant and a birthday breakfast prior to checkout time. Create the itinerary when you make your reservation to ensure availability. Remember to include any necessary instructions such as “bring pyjamas, a bathing suit and change of clothes” on the invitations.

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Gather your teen birthday girl and her girlfriends together for an evening of viewing chick flicks. Rent a projector or big-screen television. Set up bean bag chairs or large throw pillows on the floor of the room where you will show the movies. Ask the birthday girl to choose two or three favourite girlish films. Serve foods you would find in the theatre such as hot dogs, nachos and candy; popcorn is a must for this party. Follow up each film with a game of trivia questions based on the movie. Send each guest home with a bag of microwave popcorn and a movie rental gift card as a party favour.


For those 14-year-old kids who want to be more grown up and sophisticated, an all-white party is a good choice. Send invitations that are all white and ask guests to wear outfits of all white to the party. Decorations can include white table linens, streamers, balloons and strands of white Christmas lights. To add to the decor, white light up trees can also be added. Keeping with the all-white theme, serve white foods, including white chocolate covered strawberries, white chocolate covered pretzels, and Hawaiian bread with a white dip. Allow the kids to drink their soda, water or punch from fake champagne flutes so they feel more sophisticated. For a birthday cake, make a cake with white frosting covered with white-frosting flowers. Cake can be served with vanilla ice cream as well. For entertainment, simply crank up the music and let the kids dance.

14 Year Old Birthday Party Themes

An Italian theme can be a fun and unique party theme. For the decor, rent small round tables and bistro chairs for guests to sit at. Place fake Roman columns throughout the seating area and wrap fake ivy around them. For a more elaborate effect, old white sheets can be painted with murals that look like a small Italian village and hung between the columns. Food can be anything Italian, but setting up an Italian buffet will give guests different options. Set out trays of fettuccine, spaghetti and lasagne, as well as big bowls of salad with Italian dressing. In addition to birthday cake, traditional Italian desserts, like cannoli’s can be served. Allow the kids to drink their soda, water or punch out of fake champagne flutes to add to the ambiance. To entertain the kids, set up a dance area and have music playing. Other ideas for entertainment may include a violinist or an accordion player.

14 Yr Old Birthday Party Ideas

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