6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

By | June 18, 2013

6th year old birthday party ideas should be unique, creative and special for the celebration. Some great examples include the slumber party, art-related party, backyard party, playground party or even princess party for girls.

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas 3

There are many different ways you can celebrate your child’s sixth birthday. Have a party for girls only, boys only or for both boys and girls. You can go all out for your child’s party, or have a perfectly fine party on a budget. Think about what kinds of things your six year old likes doing when you plan the party.

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas Girl

Slumber parties are a great idea for young children. Invite a small group of boys or girls over in the late afternoon or early evening for games and gifts. You can cook hamburgers and hot dogs for the children, or make it easy on yourself and simply order a few pizzas. After dinner, let the children spread out their sleeping bags in the living room and turn on a movie.


For aspiring artists, host a birthday party at an art studio that offers age-appropriate packages. Arrange for a two-hour party that includes guided instruction from the studio’s staff and a variety of art projects from which to choose. Some studios also offer themes, such as princess, superhero or pirate parties. Additional services that may be available include face painting and t-shirt decorating.

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Turn an ordinary backyard birthday party into a carnival with games, rides and carnival foods. Rent a variety of age-appropriate games, such as beanbag or ball tosses, and even inflatable obstacle courses. Give each game winner tickets to redeem for prizes at the end and make sure each child has a chance to win tickets. Rent a large inflatable bouncer for the children to release some extra energy. For a party on a budget, make some games at home, such as the beanbag- and ring-toss games, and serve a simple barbecue lunch with hot dogs and hamburgers.

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas 2

Six-year-olds are full of energy, and a birthday party at an indoor playground enables them to run, bounce, jump and climb. Indoor playgrounds come equipped with a variety of equipment, such as inflatable bouncers, trampolines, climbers, slides, obstacle courses and pretend-play areas. Many offer private party rooms for food, birthday cake and gifts. Some also let party hosts reserve the entire playground for the length of the celebration. For a party at home during warm weather, rent inflatable equipment, such as bouncers, slides and obstacle courses, for the children to enjoy in the backyard.

6 Year Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re throwing a birthday party for a 6-year-old girl who loves princesses, make that your theme. You can use a generic princess theme, or go with Disney princesses. Make a cake shaped like a tiara and have plenty of princess dress up clothes for all the girls to wear.

Birthday Party Ideas For 6 Year Old Boys

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